MC Cthulhu RJ45 Pinout for Wii / NES Classic Cable?


Hello Hello, quick question for you guys.

Is there a wiring pinout for a Wii Extension Cable or generic NES Classic controller cable available for the MC Cthulhu?

Or is it only only compatible with the GameCube using a converter / adapter?

Looking at buying an extension cable ( or Classic Controller ( to cut open.


As far as I remember, the MCC doesn’t work as a Classic Controller.


Yeah the NES Classic actually uses a Wii/WiiU Game pad.
The NES controller that comes with it is just a Wii controller shape like a NES controller.

MCC don’t support the Wii


Ah, my bad, I think I read the Wii Virtual Console and thought it could be used through the nunchuck port on the Wiimote.

Wonder if I could just use a Mayflash adapter then to convert over to the Wii and NES Classic.


Wiimotes don’t work, but the Wii Classic controller that plugs into a Wiimote will work as a game pad on the NES Classic.
The Home Button doubles as Reset. I wonder why Nintendo neglected that on the Controllers? Authenticity?

The Famicom version has hardwired controllers just like it’s original console.
I think that is a mistake on their part.


If your question is for NES Classic use then, i recommend this gamepad:

My Arcade GamePad Classic:

^^ I have one of these. It’s wireless, comfortable and, comes with a built-in button shortcut to get back to the main menu. Just press Start+Select.

Looks like it will work as a classic controller on Wii & Wii U as well.


Thanks Alpha. I was just trying to help a customer get the most out of his MC Cthulhu setup. I’ve been making a bunch of NES and SNES to RJ-45 cables


Toodles’s PiiWee could have saved you, but i don’t know if they are produced anymore (i think not)


That pad is awful, and its build quality is questionable.


Yup, remember that little board. Haven’t seen it around since forever. But yeah, was just looking to utilize the Cthulhu as the classic go to PCB for all those systems. Gonna do some other testing to see what I can get to work with converters and recommend the best one.

Thanks guys.


Now i know you’re trolling lol. I have this pad and it performs pretty well.

Build quality is decent and the wireless works well. At first i was skeptical about how comfortable those “square” buttons would be but, they are nice. Ergonomic-wise, it’s about as comfortable as the standard NES controller.