Mc cthulu over existing fgwidget led mod ps3 te


Had some questions before I ordered up a mc cthulu.
I have a mvc2 te ps3 stick I have previously modded with the fgwidget led kit and led knserts to all the buttons. I have more solder experience the. I did when I installed that kit and it works fine, although I’m no pro.
I watched a bunch of vids and asked questions lol.

I guess what I’m looking for clarification on is a few things.
I’m really just looking to add pc support to my stick as unfortunately the old ps3 sticks don’t work on most pc’s.

So the idea of the new mc with screw terminals seems do-able
Would I be able to just solder new wires
from my existing connections on the fgwidget and screw into the terminals
Or do I need to solder differently

And as part of that since the LEDs are powered of my original USB vcc
Would soldering from the mc cthulu vcc to my vcc point on the widget be sufficient ? (I figure since the cthulu doesn’t use the original USB powers got to come from somewhere

Basically everything works now but I really need pc on this stick and since most of the instructions for the cthulu don’t have explain when you already have an existing led mod I’m not sure where to begin

Basically I was hoping it would be easy enough to piggy back off my last mod to make things more simple any advice?


I guess upon further thought would there be any problem with just adding the wires going to the mc cthulu directly to the solder on the outs of my fgwidget

Also for the widget mod each button has a ground wire and a regular wire going to the te main board to make it work correctly. do I also have to move those to the cthulu Instead ? I’m guessing the button response in the main board effects the led so I would assume I have to move them unless of course I can just connect extra wires to the outs on the widget and all will register I unno thoughts?