MC Fightstick TE (Soul Calibur V Edition) PS3 need urgent help!



I want to buy a fairly cheap TE stick and its the same as in the title. Its for PS3 and I read that it is not compatible with PC. But all those posts were about 3-4 years old. I wanted to ask the sophisticated people here in the forum if its still like this. I also read that its depending on the chipset of your motherboard.

My motherboard: gigabyte ga-970a-ud3
OS: Win7 64-Bit

I hope you can help me. I would also appreciate links for driver or something. I just want to know if I can run it on my PC before I buy it.

Thanks alot, greetings Rever.


The Mad Catz Soul Edition stick for SOUL CALIBUR V is PC compatible.


I believe the Madcatz sticks that have compatibility issues are the TE sticks, especially the Round 1.
I have the Soul Edition and have played it on at least 5 computers/laptops. No issues at all.


^Note that the Soul Edition is not really branded as a TE.