MC SE FightStick, what's the REAL benefit for swapping in sanwa?


Got the SE fightstick, and there are no quality control issues at all. Buttons responsive, stick moves well. So I just have to ask, how would sanwa parts really upgrade this experience? Is it just better durability or is there a REAL difference you can feel that improves your gameplay?

Got the SE for 43 bucks amazon! to put in sanwa would drive the cost up to 80 -90 bucks, so I guess im asking aside from perceived quality, is it worth it?

Does anyone still have the stock SE?


With sanwa buttons/stick it’s 10 times better.

Also, most of them break, you’re lucky yours has lasted this long.


Overall quality. With Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, you’ve got buttons that should stand over a million presses.


The washer on the stock SE stick will eventually scratch the pcb. That alone would give me a major headache; two options here would be to temporary super glue the washer or just replace it for a JLF. As for the buttons, I would replace them as well. To me the button presses didn’t feel right, clunky is the word I could describe it.

Sanwa and Seimitsu parts are meant to be durable, made for being played on for hours on end.


My main problem was with the buttons. They dont last very long. It only took a couple of weeks before my medium kick went dead and then I just swapped them all and used the buttons as start/select/guide for other sticks. BAD IDEA. After a couple of months one of those sticks’ start button stopped working. It was the madcrapz’ button. I now only use hori buttons as start/select/guide or crown buttons.

The joystick is fine if you fix the dust washer problem. never had a problem


honestly, when i got my SE, I kept it stock for a few months just to see how it would play/how long it would last. my buttons started dying after about 2 and a half months of really heavy play.

I then swapped in sanwa buttons, its been almost a year since then and they all work perfectly and feel significantly better than the stock buttons.

the stick i actually just swapped out a month or two ago.

I think the washer scratching the pcb was an early production run thing, even still, i got my SE launch day and had no problem. Eventually i just wanted a full sanwa setup, so i put in a sanwa stick too.

you can get buttons and a jlf for pretty cheap, and swapping them in is super easy. Id say do it for the peace of mind/better feel. But worst come to worse, things start breaking and you either return it under warranty or just mod it.


do it, you’ll never regret it!

Sanwa/Seimitsu parts its like butter man

(instead of sand)



So overwhelming input so far is just due to quality issues, not really gameplay improvement (responsiveness, fluidity, etc). If this is the case, I’ll just simply wait till the parts start going bad to swap…


The performance is substantially better than the stock buttons, stick too. The reason why we all mention quality issue is because the SE is just that bad that it has to be addressed first.


yeah, I found it infinitely difficult to find diagonals on the stock stick, and the buttons felt cheap. You put in any kind of replacement buttons (even hori) and it’s better, but my execution jumped up just by switching out the stock for seimitsu.


It’s something you can’t understand from just words, you have to experience quality Japanese parts to believe them. Pressing the buttons is like pressing on a feather, and moving the stick is as smooth as silk. Words alone don’t do it justice how much better and more accurate the Sanwa parts are. Seimitsu is more for Shoot’em Up games (though their joysticks are quite good if you want a stick that focuses more on speed than accuracy).

The SE stock parts are the worst quality you can get basically, they’re non responsive, not accurate, and not smooth at all (compared to the good parts).

What you’re asking is basically “why should I get a Lamborghini or Audi? my KIA gets me around just fine”. It’s true that a KIA and/or a stock SE “does it’s job”, but if you have the money to spend (and Jap parts are like 40$ for 6 buttons and a stick) you might as well get that extra performance and comfort.


The stick is just about acceptable until it breaks but the buttons feel mushy, compared to the solid presses of the Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.


lol rufus players beware of stock buttons.
yea i called u guys out, mashing that ex messiah


if you pressed sanwa buttons, you’d notice the difference straight away! They have a cushioned feel to them, and the sticks are much smoother. I’m surprised installing a stick and 6 buttons is going to cost you that much though… $20 for a stick and about $2 per button. That should be $32 on top of your $43 = $75. Thats still cheaper than a TE and youre getting nearly the same kind of quality.


I don’t know where you’re buying from but a stick is about $25 and buttons are about $3 a piece, after shipping you come right around $50 for a stick and 8 buttons.


I hate the way stock SE buttons feel. I also hate that Sanwas activate if you barely hover them. I switched to Seimitsu’s. The stick…that is a different matter. Oh boy…


I hit taunt by accident so many times on Sanwa, I’m glad I switch to Seimitsu.


That was my reasoning behind changing to seimitsu. Plus they feel nicer to me (and come in prettier colours XD)
Their joysticks are nice too if you like a tighter spring but I personally like my JLF the way it is.
Plus, from experience of testing with both, if you’re using a character that requires mash inputs (for me, it’s Gen, others…Chunners, Honda, Blanka), if you’re using the slide method, Sanwas absolutely cane your fingers, whereas Seitmitsus feel like they have smoother edges.

But as for the benefit, their response feels better, they last MUCH longer since they’re actual arcade grade parts, plus, they just feel less clunky than stock SE. (Though I miss the clicky sound, so I kept one as a keyring :rofl:)


The SE stick I bought started failing six hours after I purchased it.

I lost responsiveness in my R1 and Circle Buttons.