MC TE Stick Replacement for Cord Hatch

The cord hatch cover on my TE arcade stick broke last night and I was curious about my option for replacing it. Is it possibly to order the piece from Mad Catz? Or will I have to find someone with a spare or buy a new stick altogether to get that part? Not a big deal, just curious.

Bummer. I guess that you can try it out on the trading outlet to see whoever might have it for sale. Other than that I guess it doesn’t hurt contacting madcatz for a replacement.

Thanks for your help. I did end up calling mad catz and the guy I spoke just asked me to email him a copy of my receipt (which I did) and he sent the piece a few hours later. Very pleased.

Rage, how long ago did you buy it? Was it still within the 90 day warranty period?

To be honest, I don’t even use the cable compartment on my TE’s. I just leave the cable out with the compartment door closed.

After you get the stupid cable out, it’s impossible to tie thhe thing together as well as it was originally packed! I’m just afraid the connector cable is going to break one of these days if it keeps getting tied up and stuff back into that narrow space.

When I put the TE’s back in my boxes, I lay the cable on top of the faceplate with the metal connector to the side of the stick to avoid scratching the faceplate… When I bothered to bundle sticks back up into the foam for the box sides, I just wrapped the cable around the stick midsection. I figured that puts less strain on the wiring than putting it back into the stick’s storage compartment.

Yes, my stick was still under warranty, which is probably why I had such ease. Still I wasn’t sure they would replace such a non-essential part.

I’ll probably stop packing the cord in the compartment though. I noticed when I got the stick that the cord hatch looked pretty cheap so I should probably exercise a bit more caution.

Yeah, I didn’t have a problem putting the cord back in the compartment - but after I modded mine, I just put a Neutrik jack inside so I can just use a shorter detatchable USB cable. 4m was too much cable for me to ever need.

That looks great, what did you do about the home/guide button and where did you get the viewlix art from?

I used a MC Cthulu, so I used the Start+Select = Home feature so I wouldn’t have to put in another button just for it.

Vewlix art someone posted in the SE/TE Template thread months ago.