MC - TE Template


Hello SRK,

I am looking to find out two things:

  1. Where would I find a template for the artwork/design on a Mad Catz TE stick?

  2. What material do most of you customer builders print your designs/artwork on when changing out or installing new imagery?

Is it high grade sheet stock? Than just layered under plastic?

I’m a nub, but trying to get the gist of it all.

Thanks for your help!




For templates:

Search through the first 3-4 pages and there’s a thread entitled something like “How to add art to your Madcatz SE”. It covers most of your art questions, and can be easily translated to the TE too.


Like he said I am pretty sure there is a thread on this already. It should say TE template and artwork, something along those line. Just a little advice to you, you should start using the search function in the future.
Here’s direct link to the file


My bad didnt see in OP of that thread, didnt think it was covered from later conversations. Appreciate the helpful responses, and not the dickish ones.


GL with your artwork, hopefully you will share :smile:


Yea I was actually thinking of using two friend artist who do actual album and magazine adverts.

other one I cannot share at this time, but yea will definitely share what I come up with. Thanks again.

I will let this thread die now ~_~