MC TE USB Related Issues

What’s up, tech guru’s?

I have a couple questions I’d like to ask you guys and I believe this pertains here more so than any other forum, but if something you read here deems more appropriate in another sub forum, *please point me in the right section. That being said, lets start with my array of questions

My questions will be targeted towards the TE series of sticks, by madcatz. Yes, I’ve read the already existing topics and searched this topic before asking, lol.

This 1st question is about the longevity of usb chord on the xbox 360 ver of the TE’s. I prefer that if veterans who’ve owned thieir TE’s for at least a year or so to answer this question, but all answers are fine with me.

Have any of you TE users experienced any shortage of connectivity since purchasing your TE’s?

To further elborate on that matter, what I mean is, does your controller cut off/on randomly and do you have to shift the usb chord in a way where the electronic flow is constant so that it doesn’t either randomly pause the game during casuals in vs mode or prevents any button presses to be recognized.

My 2nd question, if it isn’t already obvious, is that, Is complete usb chord replacement possible? Would I have to send it back to madcatz themselves or could I perform my own repair or have it repaired by a modder?

Long story short, my retarted dog decided to bite off the connecting portion of the usb chord of my TE.*

The last question is, if it is possible whats the average cost of this type of repair or do I have to purchase another

Either way doesn’t really bother me at this point since income taxes are coming in about 2-3 weeks give or take and I don’t have bills to pay. The 1098t saved my life this year, lol. If you’re unaware or are curious on what the “1098t” is, it’s a tax form you receive from your college/university you’ve attended full time or meet the credit minimum to qualify for it. Basically, you get 2,000 dollars just for going to school, and im sure many of you are already aware of it, but if you didn’t, you got till april 15th.

Sorry about runnin’ my mouth, but I guess you can say I’m rather excited about getting 2,000 that isn’t going to bills, lol.

These questions just popped up in my head, and I’m looking for plausible answers.

Thanks a mil, guys and gals ~

Well for the most part, Yes USB cord replacement is more that possible. Many people forgo the stock USB cord and get a heavier duty USB cord. StarTec (for example) makes some really high quality USB cables, available from many places including Lizard lick or new egg. You can have someone splice one in, or have someone install a USB pass though like a Neutrik A/B USB Feed-Through, and have a ruggedized USB B connector on the outside the TE case where you can easily plug in replacement cables.

This are not the only solutions to this, but this is what I feel is the best path.

USB cords are totally replaceable. You can use any USB cord you like, so long as it has a type A male end. I’ve never had problems with the Madcatz TE USB cord, but I actually did just have to repair one for a client who had their puppy chew through it.

You have options, a lot like darksakul suggested.

Generally, the way to go is to send it to a modder. Madcatz would probably take forever, and there’s warranty issues, etc. I know J&J repairs USB cables for $25. Doubt you’ll pay any more than that. If you want to DIY and are handy with a soldering iron, just open up the TE, desolder the old wires, and then solder on new ones. They’re color coordinated, so replace old red with new red, old white with new white, etc. I’ve also (in a pinch) repaired cords that were frayed just by soldering the wires back together and giving it some electrical tape. I’ve also used USB wires from phone chargers where the other end was sacrificed to make a jig for booting bricked android phones, so I just had the other end laying around, and used it, too.

I’ve never had any connectivity problems with a TE(got one for Vanilla).

Well we also have to factor in how do people handle and care for their stick and attached cords.
Not saying 6ixx does not take care of his property, it sometimes a factor of habits and lifestyle as well.

I am sure tournament players, who manipulate there USB cords alot will tend to have more worn in cables than someone who only plays at home. Or having a room mate, friend, child or pet who is a little rough with out things. All it takes is one good snag on the USB cord.

My Foe hammer case for example have alot of smudges, scratches and such from me taking it everywhere, other people can’t get a dent or scratch in with out using alot of effort.

Hence why I suggested maybe a heavier USB cable than the stock Mad Catz one might be a good fix, that way, you not just fixing a technical problem but preventing another cord being busted. Not saying Mad Catz made bad USB cords, they are fine for normal USB cables.

@6ixx: As Nerrage explain, USB cable replacement is as easy as matching the correct colors up.