MC WWE All Stars Brawl Pad same PCB as MC fightpad 4728?

Does anyone know if the Brawlpad has the same PCB as the MC fightpad 4728?
This is regarding the easiness of using the 4728 for custom sticks.

By everything I have seen, they are the same. I doubt that they changed too much PCB-wise between the two. If it helps at all, the WWE BrawlPad is listed as having a mfg # of WWE472820MA1/04/1 while the FightPad is listed with a mfg # of SF4247280/04/. That could just be coincidence, however, I don’t want to say anything too concrete. Do you have the controller on you? Or is it more of a considered purchase? One way to find out :stuck_out_tongue: (I myself would take the risk in your situation, I guess. Not that that means much!)

Edit : Also, while not the same thing, someone did dual mod the BrawlPad itself. Click on the first picture and take a look :
(Edit edit, XD : Hotlinking is a bit impolite :p)

You can see by looking that yes, it still looks very suitable for hacking. Good luck!

Thanks M8!
The 4278 indication on the serial number does indicate enough to buy. So i did :wink:
The photo made it undoubtedly clear that it’s the same as the 4728 fightpad.

Gamestop had a discount where they sell the brawlpad for 19.99 US. But they won’t let me buy more than 2 at a time. But even at 20 USD to ship 2 pads to Holland it’s still a bargain.