MC Xbox SSF4 TE-S w/ Chimp board


I’ve got a TE Fightstick that’s seen almost no use. Will come with a Chimp board that has NOT been installed, and a Sanwa Octagonal Gate. $85 + Shipping (shipped however you want) - Paypal/Cash Only. I live in Syracuse, NY. Post here or send me a message on Steam.


I will take it! PM sent!


heh I live in Syracuse and am about to sell a stick too. :slight_smile:


I wish you were looking to buy instead of selling. :wink:


U havent met requirements to sell I’d remove this before u get an infraction


My bad, I didn’t read the rules. There are no options to delete/close the thread so hopefully a mod can take care of it.


wow what a deal.


ill take it , stil for sale?