McAllen Thread

Yo new to the area from Houston. I have a DC, PS2, GC, and XBOX, with 2 sticks and just about any fighter you can name. I am trying to find some decent ppl to play fighters with, drink intoxicating beverages with, poker, just plain hang out. No high school geeks please, just older geeks.

what’s a mcallen?

Yo i’m from Mcallen. What part of McAllen u from bro? I’m from the North side. yah it sux…lol. hit me up on aim at swingmanjr69 or keep posting.

well the major playes down here are mainly located in the harlingen area so if u wana get some good games in thats ur best chance

a mcallen thread! and here i thought i would have to go all the way to harlingen and play the kids there.

just moved here about 2 hours ago. let me know when and where, i would love to get some fights in. :karate:

Were only like 30 min away not that long lol.

Hey McAllen players, the gaunlet’s been thrown out by me and my band of RoadWarriors. We call ourselves the Doom Squad and we’ve been lookin for Super Smash Brothers: Melee comp. You guys give us a holler if yall want to play, and we’ll see what’s up.

You Can Find Players At The Btown Too :encore:

BTW, You Play Poker?
That Rules
We Should Play Sometime Soon

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: whooo that made my day but yeah im up for games when you guys come so yeah hit us up and well play :clap:

i am from Pharr, just about a street away from mcallen,
whats ur main game by the way?
if ya want u can get in contact with me on hampr03(AOL\AIM)

Cool to get responses so quickly! I live almost exactly at Nolana and 10th street in McAllen (close to the movie theater, barnes and noble, etc.) Hamm and Chains (and anybody else interested) hope to hear from you!
I play everything just about…you name it and I probably own it.

Then lets play some fightin games then!

hmm where can we meet joo at?

I would like to say, you sir, are fucked. I’ve been down in Harlingen for about 4 weeks now. Harlingen, Brownsville, Mcallen… it’s all the same in the end. You’re lucky though. Houston is only 6 hours away. You can still turn back. I came all the way from S.Bronx NY/Fayetteville NC… :sad: “The Valley” as I’ve heard this place called, is so different, it’s not even funny.

This is what’s going to happen. You are going to realize life sucks here. You are going to hate life. Then you are going to try gaming, and realize there is no fun in that either. Then, you will hate games as well. The only people who don’t go through that process, are people who grew up here. Yeah, I could be like “omg welcome let’s game!!!” But fuck that. This place has sucked all hope for life and joy in life, right out my asshole. Well, enjoy the valley. And good luck with games! :tup:

Jive Out!

EDIT: I hope you’re not black too. :lol: This place isn’t to black culture friendly. Harlingen Time Warner doesn’t even carry BET. And if I ask somebody where to get wave grease from, they have no idea what I’m talking about. :shake:

Been here for a little while…over a year…like it so far–was pretty worried the first few months though so i understand that it takes a while to get over the culture shock–moved here for a job and a girl. There are things i like better about H town and things i am certainly glad i don’t have to deal with anymore. Life is full of trade offs you know? The food here is the best i have ever had, the people are some of the friendliest i have ever met anywhere (had several people I never even met help me move into my apt!), and My wife is down here so that is a definite plus. Kickass movie theaters, and its never too crowded to drive on the highway so you don’t have to wait in traffic for hours either. Give this place a chance man like I did. Its all good at the end of the day.

I Hear you are good a 3s and I need someone to help teach me. I play online quite a bit, too.

P.S. I am white (married to a hispanic cool chick who likes nerds)

damn man i live really close to you…like 5-7 minutes away

MWUAHAHAHA!!! its a death trap here can i be black too?

Wow a McAllen thread. Let this thread die quick and post in the harlingen thread. Yeah best bet for fighters is Harlingen for any game. B-ville is only good for like Tekken5 and one or two MVC2 players. For poker if you mean hold em with real money im your man. You should go to the Brownsville Tilt next T5/MVC2 tourny.



says the emo kid…


and… when and where are the games did you say?

i will fight anyone in any fighter. :karate:

3s= i am one of the few people left who don’t use ken sa3, (daigo wannabes) chun-li sa2 (jwong wannabes) and yun sa3 (ko wannabes).

MvC2=any non-top tier… i have a strong team shoto (as strong as they can be, anyway) hulk, zangief, etc… you know, characters that actually take skill to play. i am a sentinal killer, i hate that big robot and his moron mutant friends.

MvC1= strider/ryu, wolverine/ryu
CvS2= ratio 4 hao, ratio 4 ryu, team shoto, any other
Chaos= genjuro, ryu, takuma, kasumi, dimitri, violent ken, any other

KOF= any team with takuma

SC2= ivy, (with moves other than criminal sympohony)
older sf games= ryu

yep, definately a shoto at heart, but not the fireball x 100 type. willing to travel, just name time and place.