McDonald's incident - 2011

If someone has already posted this, just delete this thread. The video is taken on a cellphone so it’s a bit hard to see and it has violent content so it may be NSFW.


LMAO those bitches got BODIED

hahaha, honestly was sort of hoping it would go down like that. That dude better not get charges, that was totally self defense, imo. WTF was he using though, like a god damn bat or something!? XD

Edit: It was probably a spatula or something

I was hoping someone would shut that banshee up tbh. Good on that guy for defending himself…

Yeah, burger spatula I think.

My hero. He should have finished it with some hot oil on the face. (Hate jobs in customer service).

I vote for new weapon in Soul Calibur.

Haha that’s great. I love it when dumbass tough-guys (or girls?) get what they deserve.

I thought every one had mc donalds as there first job
Well just so you guys know I’m pretty sure that’s used to change the filters on the frying machines like to lift them up it’s hard to explain if you havn’t seen it it .
It like this hook thing that lifts up the filters which kind of sifts through the crumbs and shit .
<< 2 years at Mc Donalds

holy shit. the hell was he using? it looked like the weapon got bent after he started attacking.

Black bitches think they’re hot shit till they get dominated. Sometimes I wonder if they’re not closet masochists

Man I just read the damage done, he broke one womans arm and fractured her skull and the other had cuts. It also seems like our boy just got out of prison. I want his ass working with me at the hospital.

Dude went to prison for 10 years for killing a guy. It’s important to note that he didn’t strike the women when they stayed down/still. That’s something that you are taught in self defense; immobilize your attacker by any means necessary (eye gouges, crotch shots are very commonly used by instructors), and only initiate if the attacker isn’t fully immobilized.

Ghetto Rat has lost the McDonald’s battle…BUT THE SOUL STILL BURNS.

bitch got served. I’m lovin it’

Dont fuck around with people fixing your food- Dude just brought that to a whole new level. Good on ya, mate!

when will females realize that they too can get their heads beat in?

bitch: “DO SOMETHING!”:mad:
bitch: climbs over counter
1min later…
bitch: :wasted:
bystander: :crybaby:
guy: :nono:
people in crowd: :tup::rock::woot::clapdos:

Nah, more like a Pokemon fight. Ghetto Rat’s moves lost effectiveness from the greasy arena.