McDonald's Incident 2014 - 中国本 (Chinese Edition) - Woman Murdered By Religious Cult Members


BEIJING (Reuters) - The murder of a woman at a fastfood restaurant in China has sparked a national outcry after it was revealed she was beaten to death for allegedly refusing to give her telephone number to members of a banned religious group.

The 37-year-old woman was attacked by a group of people who were described as being members of the Church of Almighty God religious movement, state media reported. The group preached a global apocalypse would take place in 2012 and has been banned by Chinese authorities.

The attack occurred last Wednesday at a McDonald’s restaurant in northeastern Shandong province and was captured on surveillance video, the official Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary. Video footage of the attack was shown on China Central Television on Saturday.

Six alleged group members, including four from one family, have been arrested over the attack, state media reported.

“The audacity of the cult members to terrorize their victim at a McDonald’s, a chain frequented by average Chinese, further racked people’s nerves,” Xinhua said.

Apart from shock and anger, many social media users condemned onlookers, who failed to stop the assault in coastal Zhaoyuan city, about 160 km north of Qingdao.

“If I stay quiet today, who will help me cry for help when I suffer from misfortunes in the future?,” asked one Weibo user. “If I don’t speak up as a passerby, then one day, if injustice should come upon me, no one would speak up for me as well.”

I actually saw this on the national news last night. China was literally showing the video of the woman being murdered on TV.

I don’t even…

EDIT: God, I just reread and saw that it happened in my province. Christ…


At least Chinese law is cool in the fact all these people will either be getting hanged or sent to prison and harvested for organs. Religious ppl always out fucking it up for everybody else.


So everyone just stood there as six people beat someone to death?

Yep, sounds like humanity.


That’s all we’re getting this time not like that cult hero, Mr Burns haired dude from the Amanda Berry one.

Tourists would go there, but they do love their mcd’s so much now that its, the audacity to do a cult street beating murder

AT a MCDONALDS?! Well, I never :bluu:

So what’s up with the Shanghai Duck burgers?


man, those asian JoHo’s sure go the extra mile, don’t they?


Church of the Almighty God: Join us or we will excommunicate you…FROM EARTH!


Church of the Almighty God: Jesus died for our sins…now it’s your turn


Church of the Almighty God: Human atonement’s on the dollar menu.


It’s good to see that Chinese people finally realize it’s okay to help someone out. It only took the death of a poor woman.


I’m just gonna hold my tongue here. I’ve said enough about 'ligion to cover a lifetime.

My condolences to the woman and her family. Oh, and to the brainwashed members of this cult.





This sounds like it’d make for a awesome action or horror movie.


I’m religous, and honestly, it irritates the shit out of me when other people who claim to be “religious” pull stunts like this. It is not acceptable, neither to religion, or humanity.


When cults do this stuff in the name of religion, I hardly blame people for turning to atheism. Like, if people proclaiming to follow God end up doing things like this, then what does that say about God?

Either that he’s a horrible entity or doesn’t exist.




@"Missing Person"‌ Is considered wrong to be a good Samaritan in China? Are they just cold hearted like this?


People in China have gotten sued over HELPING people, by the people they HELPED


Isn’t this the same nonsense that happens in the US too?


Only a matter of time before Sennin and the feminist triumvirate of softness come in here and fuck up the thread, so I’ll say this:

If only the black dude from the last McDonald’s incident were there, then they could’ve gone Streets of Rage on those cult bitches. Dat pipe for all…


Early contender for “Best thread title of 2014”. I couldn’t NOT click this.

Anyway I thought it was a common assumption that Chinese straight up dont give a fuck about those nearby in peril? Havent many people just run over a kid in traffic and not stopped/slowed down? And then other people didnt help the kid out because stupid laws can allow them to take the financial hit for said kid being run over?