McDonald's Incident 2014 - 中国本 (Chinese Edition) - Woman Murdered By Religious Cult Members


Haven’t heard many horror stories about being sued. Not being able to pay, getting into debt or going after the hospital sure, but not suing the helper.


Aww man, you didn’t remember the last McDonalds incident was bitches hittin bitches,

lesbo bathroom, take it outside group beatdown. So a bit similar to this. And similar to that guy since that was a beating too.

Might just have to name all these, McDonalds beating incidents: 201X just changing the year each time.


If I were an employee witnessing the incident as it happened, I would have grabbed a pan of hot cooking oil from the deep fryer and thrown it at those fucks.


Hey do you see me ranting about "any game after 1995 sucks ass"or derailing threads with a useless item discussion?

Although the sad thing is that it’s only a matter of time before tumnblr/twitter SJW jump on this story anyways.


Mcdonalds always has some shit going on every year. I am almost convinced they hire people to do this shit so they could get more publicity.


On the contrary, this story shows how reliable and efficient fanatical minions are and why I want my own cult.


For the record, you and Specs are in your own tier. The “feminist triumvirate of softness” are comprised of some other “white knights” we have floating around.

…and everyone could use devoted minions. It’s why religion is the greatest racket ever conceived by man.


Your brand of feminist trolling is quite unique.

Still could use more tit pics from time to time to mix things up though.


I don’t think you know what that word means…As a language token It would be akin to only using vowel sounding words and adding phonetic similarities between the vowel sounding word and other guilt inducing words as well as gibberish sounds to create an effect and bottle that up in a phrase or sentence. It’s austerity in a nutshell.

For example, God would go from god to cod to cock or from god to tod to tot to taught youself life. I regretfully had the pleasure of learning this in Connecticut and later had it reinforced among the SF4 community, then the hammer hit the nail when I went back to school and the students were being lorded over using those methods. There wasn’t cool or loser, there was whatever clause deficiencies things like the aforementioned arouse. I thought it was weird that Valley Christian High would be around the corner and this kind of stuff was happening. Nothing of the like occurred when I was in the regular school system.

Anyways, things like that. The church nor the clergy are the church, the people are the church.

These people were probably within earshot of something like this and they went over the get her to join their gang because she was probably “pretty good at it”. Maybe they weren’t ruffians in the punk rock sense of the word and instead took up a monicker along the lines of what punk was back then but for today? They figured religion was that not particular about getting through to people, by establishing a standard of goodness, and perfecting an efficacy to enforce it. Then they preached free will.

It’s like if in Frank Miller’s Batman comics, they’d waited and used 90s cholos/climnar underground instead of 80s cyberpunk and instead of reading it, lived it. Or like those gangster flicks you see.


dumb fucking bitch deserved it seriously trying to oppress that man by not giving him her number fucking seriously


Religion, superstition, ignorance; these are the things that make decent people do terrible things.


This is not new for China, soon after that little girl got run over and left in the street to die they stage a young woman falling down a man hole with people running to the rescue

They don’t give a fuck if you live or die, they’ve been exposed so time to fix the fuck up


“The audacity of the cult members to terrorize their victim at a McDonald’s, a chain frequented by average Chinese, further racked people’s nerves,” Xinhua said.

Wow, that’s awful. Maybe you should’ve helped out instead of sitting there eating your shitty cheeseburger.


you act as if those are 3 separate things and somehow not all tied to one another


Church of the Almighty God: we still get better treatment than the Uyghurs.


we’re gonna start a meme, aren’t we?

Church of the Almighty God: You’re God Damn Right Religion Kills More People Than The Chinese Government…HERE’S PROOF!!!



Church of the Almighty God: Death in lieu of phone numbers? I’m lovin’ it.



i always enjoy these chinese news animations


Marshmallow dudes. Soft serve. Mysteriously, no talk of the “swirl,” only one or the other, usually vanilla. Everything is coming up ice cream, in every topic these days!

For Matriarch, its like women don’t even know what they want. Especially Chinese women.