McDonald's Incident 2015: That escalated quickly

Florida … where you can get shot and still enjoy your meal

Yet another American who solves everything with a gun…quelle surprise.

Well, the shooter WAS black…

black guy solving a problem with violence?

Well now I definitely gotta call bullshit…

Fuck gotta be from Miami…

I already knew the color when the witness said the guy kept on eating after being shot.

Id be mad too if I had to macdonalds for lunch :mad: or at all…ever

That’s real as fuck, though. Homie got shot but he was like, “Nah, fuck y’all, I paid for this Mcdouble, I’mma eat this shit.”

Why does this deserve it’s own thread. Sure it would be shocking if this happened in any of the other 49 states, but this is Florida. People shooting people while fucking hamburgers, because they thought the other guy trying to eat hamburger off his dick was a threat to his life and therefore grounds for standing your ground is par for the course for an average Sunday in Florida.

yeah this really should have went into the Florida thread.

Although I do always enjoy breaking out shitty McDonalds puns

Just in time before 2015 was up.

Surprised dirzits360 and his gun swinging at his local liquor store, 2-reported to-us-times now

Just didn’t end up in the McDonalds for him to “bussa cap in a buster” who told me when my order was ready, FUCK YOU TELLING ME MY ORDER IS READY, THIS IS STOCKTON MOTHERFCCKER

#TheWalkingDrunk Season 7

Well, this could be a bad idea when the police show up on scene

unholster SIR, PUT IT DOWN, NOW!!

Even being the victim, maybe he figured he’s not getting a Burger King Whopper in transport like the church shooter either. A man in charge of his last meal.

LOL, got exactly what i wanted from da comments section. That delicious racism. Old dude gave no fucks. I aint arguing with no nigga with tats on his neck, and isnt a known rapper. That type of nigga is just looking for a reason to go to prison.

There’s already a Florida thread…that missing person’s made.


Between this and Flash Metroid living in Miami, I think it’s time to leave.

His street creds gonna suck though.
The other niggaz gon be like "Popos caught me for gang shootin"
And he be like “I shot an unarmed old ass over some McDonalds shit”

Ok so that’s where Doc’s been.

We were running short on our quota of 1 crazy McDonald’s Incident thread per year. I couldn’t let that shit slip.

Nah, theyll be fine with it. Especially the other young knuckleheads. As long as you aint fuckin with kids or some weirdo shit, other criminals seem to be fine with all other activities. lol.

Prisoner: “Got me for shootin this old nigga who was poppin off at the lip. Fugin dickhead>”

Other prisoners:“Word up, fuck that nigga. Mawfuckaz gotta learn to respect you out here, cuz congress, or bill gates, or whatever. They aint helpin niggas out outchea.” (Gotta insert random blame against someone who has nothing to do with your poor decision making)

**All jokes aside, dude is probably mentally ill. I subscribe to the likelihood that there may be just a shit ton of undiagnosed crazy brothas out here (people in general really) traumatized by their upbringing one way or another, and they end up into criminal shit. So when they fuck up, people are like, look at these blacks again, when you might be looking at someone who could be legally diagnosed as insane.

Considering the amount of minorities living in poverty, surrounded by drugs, violence, ignorance, etc… It would only make sense that there is a possibility the streets are flooded with mentally ill brothas with guns.

Like for instance, rhymefest recently came out saying, he thinks chief keef is actually autistic. Which makes sense after all these years, watching him mumble through interviews. But take chief keef as a small example of a larger group of undiagnosed brothas in ghettos all around the country who may be bipolar, autistic, or suffering from some other affliction. They arent seeing specialist, people probably just be like, watch out for so and so, hes crazy, thinking hes just a tough guy, but he may be slightly autistic and not even processing his behavior like a normal person would. **