McDonald's Incident 2015: That escalated quickly

Ah so that’s how you do it. Just learned something today.

Getting mental help ain’t cheap though. Most basic insurance don’t even cover that. People in poverty with mental problems can’t afford to get those fixed.

How did that article get printed with it being written like that?

mcds + florida

its like a mathematical equation on how to create maximum ratchetry

Florida right?

Edit: Why am I not surprised?

Ok, regardless of mental illness, that dude who got shot and wouldn’t let it ruin his lunch gets a BADASS badge of honor.

Lack of standards in internet journalism.

The whole refusing treatment is bullshit. Get it treated. Sue the guy and mcdonald’s get money.

He must be an ex-con himself,

Yay! Florida man, the hero of my state!

But yea, if the guy who got shot wasn’t such a bad ass, this really wouldn’t be news. Or maybe refusing treatment you should really get also very Florida like? Haven’t lived in Florida long enough to know.

The temptation is to call mental disorder anytime someone flips their burgers (hur hur), but I find…

#1: people with real mental disorders don’t realize they have mental disorders, or…

#2: The individual in question has “momentary insanity”, and is reacting out of emotions that have been building for months if not years. Sometimes having the right people to talk to is more important than expensive mental therapy.

That was several blocks away from Hialeah. Not surprising.

Forgot about this.