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ok, this guy although ugly outside, seems to be pretty good when fighting (so hes like an Onion…quoting Shrek)

Some vids:

Chun vs Rufus


Zangief vs Rufus


Ryu vs Rufus


C.Viper vs Rufus


So, overall his Dive kick its awesome and he has a good pressure game (Think of Yun without Genei Jin but with with more damaging attacks), some mid range pokes (has a very long range poke when crouching…dunno which button is it but I think its crouching MP). Even tought hes big and fat, he moves at a good speed. Did I mentioned his pressure game is insanely good?

A great character if you ask me, discuss rufus lovers/players.


Long range poke move (“reach for the nachos from the couch move” - booda, 2008) is cr. fierce. His anti-air normal is cr. strong I believe. His jumping forward roundhouse is 2 hits, and he can land and do the EX slaps move to juggle.

I’d like these questions answered:

Sometimes when the opponent is blocking, the first/couple hits of his spin punch whiff due to pushback. Is it possible to do a focus attack through the final hit?

I noticed there is a delay in the middle of his EX flying kick move, before the final hit. Can he be hit here, or again is it possible to do a focus attack through the final hit? I haven’t seen it happen, but there’s no way you can’t. There is a huge window to start a focus attack in between the hits (watch @ 0:56 in the Zangief vs Rufus video).

Can his divekick be blocked low? Someone mentioned that he saw it being blocked crouching in the Ryu vs Rufus video, but I did not see it. Yes, it can be blocked low, clearly shown in the Zangief vs Rufus video at 0:52.

I’ve heard his dive kick angle can be controlled with the joystick? Is that true? So if it is, you can do whiff divekick -> throw mixups pretty easily if your opponent is in the corner/knocked down.


It wouldn be strange if you could…I mean, they took that move from Yun so it might be posible and I think thats one of Rufus strong points the mix-ups game together with his good pressure.

I like this guy, but as someone said, I dont like the fact that players who dont like him (but who have passionate love for top tier characters) will play him. I hope they put other characters above him on the tier lists…like i dont know…ken or something


His bread and butter moves are:

low fierce: long range low punch seen in all the vids
back fierce: anti-air punch, he punches diagonally upforward at a 45 degrees
towards and medium kick: overhead jumping kick
jump d/f and medium kick: diiving kick
d/f and medium kick: that roll like kick. Rufus rolls at the opponet and kicks them towards the end of the roll

That evil combo that does tons of energy is dive kick -> fierce punch -> qcf fierce punch for spinny attack.

His ultra makes for good anti-air if you time it right, with one hit it will suck them in and they will take full damage.

You can combo into his super by cancelling his spinning punch.

His jumping punches (dragonpunch) make good anti air.

If you predict an opponet will jump at you and you jump towards them and hit them with a jumping roundhouse, it is a two hit combo and as they are falling you can hit them again with the special jumping punches.


-yes, the dive kick angle is controlled with the stick. back, neutral, forward all give different kicks - they’re roughly equivalent to yun’s different kicks.

-both and s.fp are good AA normals.

-the way the ex flying kick move works is, the last hit goes high, low, or he does this pseudo-flash kick move depending on the kick button you press to follow up. so yeah, the last hit could probably be saving attacked through.

EX jumping punches do like 25% if they all connect. he’s gotta do it pretty early as an AA though. if they’re already on the way down, they’ll probably all whiff.

also, his forward + mk is a quick overhead (looks like yun’s). his is also a pretty decent long range poke.


i played around with his EX spinning punches today. instead of spinning forwards and hitting multiple times, he spins and it kind of vacuums the other player closer to him, and then he hits with the last move. i think it’s got potential for sucking in whiffed pokes and things like that. i actually did it meaty to a Ken player outside of range of his shinryuken ultra, which he did on wakeup, and it sucked him right out of the ultra and slapped him in the face. weird. i don’t know what happens if it’s blocked, but i think it still brings them a little bit closer.


does the Ex spinning punches have some kind of invencibility? that way it could be used to pass through fireballs and punish if close enough


I’m already a 'fus fan.


I have a question about Fatneto’s EX Tornado palm; in some vids I saw that when he is spinning, he ‘sucks’ in his opponent; does it have a vacuum effect (just checking BTW)


If you would have just read above, yes it does.


You can also control Rufus’ Torando whilst spinning. A cheap parlour trick is to repeatedly whiff Jab tornado from full screen and as your opponent starts making their way in, to press towards on the stick mid tornado and surprise them.

You can hit confirm his Super, easiest way is, cr.lp, Super. For some reason (to me anyway) you only seem to be able to confirm it if you switch between and cr.lp… short short super doesn’t seem to connect.

Towards + HP makes Rufus take a step and put his arms out both sides, it’s quite a good attack, and it’s similar to a move Yun has from 3S.

Jump straight up HP (I think) makes him jump up and spread both of his arms. That’s quite good as an air-to-air (a bit like Chun’s spread eagle), although ideally you want to use his jump towards RH because of the juggle opportunity.

Cr.MK can be Focus Cancelled. Another cheap parlour trick is cr.Mk XX Focus xx dash towards opponent, then dash back and RH Messiah Kick / Fierce Tornado to beat a tech throw attempt. I prefer Messiah Kick because it evades a low poke if the opponent tried it.

Messiah Kick is useful if you know what you are doing with it. After the initial kick (which can be used to evade fireballs) you can use LK for a flip, MK for a crouching attack and HK for a move that flips over to the other side that also hits as an overhead. You can also do nothing and just throw on landing.

If you use it right, you can also use it to cross up the opponent as they are getting up. That can be useful if you knock them down and you are too far away to Dive Kick.

Finally a good solid poke string is Dive Kick, X 4,, cr.RH. You can stop anytime during that string and go into a Dive Kick / walkup throw / roll.


rufus vs balrog

dosent look like the rufus player knows what he’s doing. but now that rufus has been branded a good charachter we probably will see many people playing him.


Rufus reminds me of Mr. heart from Hokuto no Ken. They defenitely share the same tornado move at least.



What are Rufus’ win quotes? I’m interested in what kind of personality he has.


lol want rufus’ win quote. it usually says


Its written in katakana which means its a sound or a foreign word.

But basically Rufus’ personality is one spastic fatass on pcp.


“Achyo” is one of those sounds that Bruce Lee wannabes make.


Not just that…they both seem to be voiced by the same Seiyu it seems…


I beat the game with Rufus today. I don’t know why Ken is his rival. Ken is in Rufus ending. Ken pulls up besides Rufus Motocycle in a brown van (Very unlike Ken) and asks him about training. Rufus has some chick on the back of his motorcycle but she never shows her face. It seem like a corny ending, but it’s Rufus yo.

His roll isn’t like Abel’s. Rufus’s fat ass can not roll through fireballs but I still the forward and MED KICK is pretty Quick and Dirty.

Crouching FP is Rufus Fire Ball. I used it to stuff shotos today.

FB-Kick to LK (cancel) EX DP. Takes some timing but it is cool. (But takes from both bars)

Overall I made a FATBOY CARD TODAY! Rufus is fun to play with.


I dont understand, how is it posible that you can get all the hit from his ultra if you use it as anti-air…sounds too good.

Does this guy has any good/reliable anti air?


can anyone find a copy of the entire rufus win quote?