McDonald's meal sparks outcry in Italy

Maybe they should have introduced “Italy Fries” to make the deal more appealing.

Italian food is over rated.

id rather have mcdonalds subsidizing the italian agricultural industry, than the eu - european agriculture can’t even sustain itself and now people are bitching about such a stupid thing

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They should make an AMERICA burger.
mmmm…So much cheese and bacon…possibly covered in syrup…and sausages instead of fries…

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Anyways, while I respect the stubbornness of Italians to shitty food invading their country, eventually economic reasoning will pave the way for McDonald’s. I do like how they made McDonalds assent to their views on food though, it shows that consumer’s wants can truly affect even the largest MNC.


Excessive comes to mind. The only one out of those that even seems appealing is the California one.

One of these days someone is going to make a burger cheese bacon, a sandwich with a quarter pound of bacon strips covered in cheese with bits of ground beef on top…

Does not surprise me at all that Italians would make a big deal of this. But yes, their food is so goddamn overrated. Bland as fuck. I was over there for a week and I wasn’t satisfied until I started eating some gyros. Now those were bomb as fuck.

And those aren’t even italian, they are Greek or Turkish or something…

Yes, I also agree. Italian food is overrated.

Needs moar meat IMO

I’ll still eat them though…in one sitting.

With a cursory glance at this article, one might think it would be about McDonald’s and/or it’s food. Nope. As usual, it’s about partisan politics and lobbyists weeping their eyes out over potential competition.

Conclusion: Fuck Big Corn.

What the fuck are you eating?

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Bro, are you serious? Have you tasted my mother’s sauce bro?

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Doesn’t change much. Italian food is by far the best on the planet and its well known that McDonalds isn’t Italian, its just fast food garbage. Barring the retards, who would make the mistake of equating one with the other?

Chinese food >> Mexican Food >>>>> Italian food.

You people are …sigh

Italian food the best ever?

News fact there isn’t a best cuisine because everybody doesn’t like the same thing. All cuisines has it pros and cons but i doubt any of you really know food that well…

Yeah, Texas was kinda meh. NY is allright. I’m waiting for California, that looks like its going to be the winner.