McDonald's to offer All Day Breakfast starting Oct. 6 in USA

A billion arteries just screamed their final battlecry…

I normally eat breakfast at home, but for some of you this could be a godsend.


They shot this down in Canada.

My mouth cried, but my heart did a cartwheel in celebration.

I’m also debating some Sausage and Egg McMuffin’s tomorrow morning, heart be damned.

Go go processed food sickness! America will need a pokeflute to wake up soon.

Eh, McDonald’s sucks.

Man my MD is already slow at 10pm i expect them to be even slower when random van full of tweens ask for playdough mcmuffin and a order of nuggets.

Damn, we won’t be able to see her final form…

Man we need this in canada. I dont go to mcdonalds often but i know i love their breakfast menu from time to time. Plus it sounds exciting to eat a hashbrown and breakfast samwich at 2 am after a concert.

Don’t worry, @SoVi3t

I’ll buy 50 dollars of Hash Browns to pour one out for all the fallen homies.

Canada doesn’t need this. It’s all about Tim Hortons. 24/7 zero ronalds given

Honestly, the breakfast items are the only things that McDonalds has that I actually like to an extent. Place is completely dead to me after 10:30AM.

For sure. I only fuck with fast food in an emergency. Even when starving and spending $15 just on myself you would think I would be satiated, but not even close. Breakfast sandwiches I can get down with even though they are probably twice as bad for you.

I actually can’t stand hash browns. Flavourless potato mash, squished into a brick, then deep fried until all you taste is oil.

Timmy’s shit is too pricey, and the buns they use for their breakfast sandwiches dont taste good, and overpower the flavours of everything else.

I know the McD’s is awful for you, but every so often I just get a big mac urge (although to be honest, I don’t eat there for lunch or dinner more than like once or twice a year), but they’re one of the only places open at like 4am when I head to work, and if I don’t have time to make a proper lunch (like I will for tomorrow), I’ll just be lazy and go get some breakfast sammiches and burritos. Like I might do, tomorrow :frowning:

Getting a bagel sandwich and 2 McDoubles sounds OP as fuck.

Im curious if my local mcdonalds has all day dinner. Can I get a big mac at 5am?

Gotta love how Mickey D’s doesn’t want to try to fix the actual problem with their business.

Oh well, at least I can has McGriddle.

So much for McDonald’s breakfast being something you have to earn by waking up early and being patient while sitting in the drive-thru

Shit, October is going to be baller as fuck. Summer blockbusters on BD, McBreakfast all day, my anniversary, Halloween, and some PS4 games coming out.

Fuck Mornings though.
I remember going into a McDonalds one morning to get coffee after a storm knocked out power across the county here.

Never fucking again.

Mcdonald’s is about to become a trillion dollar company