McDonald's to offer All Day Breakfast starting Oct. 6 in USA

reminds me of when mcdonalds use to sell pizza and considered during doing deliveries

idk guys, you try telling someone that mcdonalds isn’t serving chicken nuggets today

and that wasn’t even her final form

^Old video, funny post.

McDonald’s breakfast being only available in the morning is what made it “good.” It was some sort of accomplishment. The feeling is similar to getting out of 8am pools at EVO every single year as long as you get there early because you know some will be DQ’d for not showing up. Although most of the breakfast menu tasted like shit, getting breakfast before the time cut off is something you can use to tease your co-workers who didn’t get breakfast. McDonald’s breakfast was the McRib for those who worked in the morning.

Come October 6, those days of being an ass to your co-workers and your co-workers being an ass to you for requesting breakfast food runs will be over. McDonald’s breakfast will no longer be exclusive to those who wake up early.

RIP McArteries all around the U.S.

RIP Hamburglar because he won’t be used or mentioned again in McDonald’s commercials. No one will buy those cheap ass stale burgers again.

honestly mcdonalds has been stupid as fuck for years and havent listened to their customers who have asked for this as long as i can remember. its like mcdonalds hates makin money…no one gave a fuck about dollar menu. we appreciate it…but no one was clamoring for a ala carte type deal. BUT BREAKFAST…nigga…friday and saturday after the club. omg. we in there.


speaking of which what happened to the old school mcdonalds mascots?; getting tired of those stereotypical radio ads, did they lose the rights to them or something? or do people still believe that the hamburglar inspired theft in children

they need to bring the old crew back

[hiphop beat]

“Oh shit- wassap my dude?”

“Son, a n*gga be starvin’ in this muthafucka.”

“Oh word? Shiit, I just copped these Spicy Chicken McBites for $2.99”

“$2.99?? I gotta get my ass to Mickie D’s homeboy

I remember going to Wendy’s back in the day and asking for fries supreme. Just asked them to put fries in a salad bowl, pour cheese on it, put some sour cream on that, sprinkle some chives and bacon bits all on that summbitch, and we’re good. And they’re like ‘ummm we don’t sell that’. I know you don’t, but it’s basically fries with shit you already sell, easily sprinkled on. Give me the fucking shit, I’ll do it myself. Here’s 10 bucks. Fuck right off now.

i think the problem is, they cant just charge you for random items used. my favorite is whenever i ordered the 2 hamburger meal at mcdonalds…since i dont eat cheese. they always looked at me confused.

“we dont sell that”…nigga yes you do. i literally have to word it 2 cheeseburger meal…with no cheese. if you dont order the way its on the screen behind them…they go retarded.

I don’t fucks with McDonalds but man, McGriddles though. Easily the most ridiculous breakfast item and so good.

don’t gimme that “we can’t charge you” bullshit. Just ring up like 8 fries, and call it a day.

Should have been doing this. Shitty ass breakfast.

Can I get egg on my Big Mac tho?

Those “eggs” would make a horrible pair with the Big Mac. Ewww…

Sweet, hope they bring this to Australia.

We use real eggs.

A Sausage McMuffin done fresh is godlike breakfast and only 300 cal.

Some stores in South Australia, Wollongong and Gold Coast have all day breakfast already

i thought they all use real eggs now

Pancake platters and Sausage McMuffins…

Hashbrowns and chicken sandwiches

theyve always been using real eggs. my karate instructor is like 36 and says he used to crack eggs in the 90s for them.