McGinnis'sss Trade/Sale List: Wacom Intuos 3, PVC Figures, Hori Real Arcade Pro 2's


Got some things I’m trying to get rid of by selling or trading. The things with no prices are for trade unless you show interest, then I’ll put up a price for it. I’m flexible so I can take a trade plus money if that’ll even it out.



Wacom Intuos 3 6x8 Pen Tablet - Haven’t used this as much as I should and is in Like New condition. Comes with the tablet, pen, mouse, and software in the original box. $300 Shipped OBO

4gb Sandisk Pro Duo - $30
2gb Lexar Pro Duo - $15
Bruce Lee Books - Fighting Method 1-4+Tao of Jeet Kune Do 35$
PSP Logitech Carrying Case (used) 15$

**PS2 Accessories **--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 - All Sanwa Snap in buttons w/ custom vinyl artwork. I initially got this one for my brother but, he doesn’t want to play as much as I thought he would. $200 OBO

Hrap2 - This is actually MY stick and it’ll be hard for me to let go of it. All sanwa. $225 OBO

Xbox 360 Accessories-**
I never used this even though I got it modded and ready so I could play on the 360. I seem to be playing fps more anyways. I just checked it and everything seems to be in working order. I think I spent something like $200 in parts and labor from Akuma001 so I’ll leave it at that OBO.



1 - 360 White Controllers, opened but unused. $40 each OBO CONTROLLER ONLY!



Xbox 360 Games**------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Call of Duty 4 - $25
Deadrising - $30
Devil May Cry 4 - $15 (Like New)
Gears of War - $20
Gears of War 2 - $40
Guitar Hero 2 w/ Wire Guitar - $45
Halo 3
Shadowrun - $20
Virtua Fighter 5

Xenosaga II - $15 (Brand New Sealed)

Resident Evil 4 - $15
Mario Kart Double Dash - $20
Super Smash Melee - $20
Super Mario Strikers - $20
Sonic Adventure Battle 2 - $10
Zelda: Twilight Princess - $30

Anime- ALL dvds are Region 1 and in mint no scratch condition.

Iria 3 Disc Set - 30$

NOIR DVD 1-7 Complete 50$

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Complete 30$

Cowboy Bebop The Movie 10$

Cowboy Bebop Manga (5 Books) complete set 35$





XBOX 360-
Official VGA Cable (low want)
Hori Real Arcade Pro and other joysticks
Zune 30GB or higher capacity (black preferred)**

I’d prefer paypal but am willing to take offers or trades so hit me up or post up. Thanks


your pics are dead. Are prices shipped?


I’ll double check the pics when I get home. All prices are shipped unless you live internationally.

EDIT: Pic links are fixed.


Nanako’s Secret Collection DVD Box Set 3 DVD 30$

any chance you would be willing to sell just the box and the book?

if so how much?


Probably not, I don’t know what I’d do with just the dvds. The whole set feels like it’d be easier to sell to collectors. I don’t remember a book, I’ll double check to see if there’s one.


I’m interested in the beatmania controller. If you could can you pm me what it would be if you were to ship it to Canada.


got damn 200 for a hori doa stick? and it needs to be fixed?


prices for PS2 games?


Done, didn’t really think anyone wanted them. :sweat:


Bump, traded some things and got some different stuff.


Is the 360 full sanwa parts?


Yes, I’m also partially sure that I fixed the diagonal issue. I don’t use it too much but, it hasn’t done it since I tried fixing it.


bump, chobits dvds are gone and a few minor updates on descriptions.


does beatmania in box include game as well? if not, do you have game?


It’s only for the controller itself. I have the games installed on a hdd so I didn’t need the original copy.:sweat:


pm sent


Damn I wish I had money for that Time Wizard.

is that a holo btw?


Yea, holo. Really good and random card but, you can get good at always getting heads. :lol: Shoot me an offer, I may just take it.

Call of Duty 4 and 1 DJ Control is sold.


Bump, last DJ control gone.


i’m super broke :frowning:

i might ask in the near future though :smiley: