now you know if jubilee,dante,the punisher,beast,stider hien,phinex,jean grey,nightcrawler,i can go on 4ever,but the fact is why were none of this characters didnt make it to tis why were none of this characters didnt make it to the vs series wtfhe vs series wtf

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By your title, I was really hoping that you would attempt to explain the gradual decline of 2-D gaming and the role Capcom took( or refused to take) as the premiere 2-D developer of the gaming industry, thereby keeping the genre viable.

Meh, your topic is fucking stupid. The only reason I’m pointing it out is that I’m deducing from your post that you yourself are either too fucking stupid to realize it or are simply trolling. Either way, fuck you and go back to gamefaqs.

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I had the same idea… but I really didn’t understand the guy’s post.

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Dante wasnt even a character when the vs series were being made

In the exception of phoenix and dante those are all low tier characters. Especially beast and jubille.


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YEAH! At least Batman has an infinite in mvc2!

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Capcom is perfect and always right and unquestionable and perfectly always rightly unquestionable and anyone who disagrees likes the hot carl.