MCZ Round 1 TE or TE-S?

I have an opportunity to purchase a 360 r1 TE for $80 locally, in mint condition.

I also have the option of purchasing a 360 SCV TE-S for $100, but that’s being shipped from US to Canada.

I can only buy the round 1 TE within this week for $80…

if it were you, would you buy the TE for $20 less or get the TE-S?

Need some input, I seriously can’t make up my mind, this being my first stick.

It doesn’t really matter. They both have roughly the exact same parts, the only difference is the box that the parts are placed in. I’d get the TE because it’s cheaper and you can get it faster. Also the SCV TE-S has that weird different shaped bezel that you wouldn’t be able to change afaik.

I would go with the TE. It’s cheaper, and better for modding if you ever go down that road too.

no!!! get the SCV stick. Round one TEs have a history of the PCB dying. I have a TE round one that just up and died last summer. I have two TE-S sticks. The SCV for xbox360 and the Chun-LI stick for PS3

“Type 1, 1st gen TE. Wider layout than the SE, with a leveled flat top.
Red IV artwork. This is the TE that had the most issues with the PCB.
Quality: High better than the SE/ TvC series, Full Sanwa Parts
Reliability: Has many issues with the PCB, this was improved with later versions of the TE.
Also it been reported that the door to the cable compartment can break.
Ease of Mods: Difficulty 1. Uses standard Sanwa parts so it easy to mod. Plenty of 3rd party options for modding such as replacement panels and side pieces. Most common sticks to mod here on Tech Talk.”

"The Soul Calibur V Soul Edition Fightstick

Made simular to the TE-S line in terms of main body construction.
The Soul Edition stick used the Namco Noir Layout (similar to the Sega Astro City) instead of the veiwlix style layout that dominated the SE, TE and TE-S lines.
The Soul Edtion has a custom “Edge” bezel insted of the stock TE bezel. The Stick is also transparent with blue on the left edge and red on the right edge.
Technically the Soul Edition is not a TE and it lacks the TE brand.
Quality: Compatible to the TE-S Arcade sticks, Stock sticks are Full Sanwa
Reliability: Improved PCB over the TE/TE-S
Ease of Mods: Difficulty 1"

for $20 you will get a more reliable PCB thus a stick that will last you much longer

read this thread if you want better info What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

Only issue is that the guy I was going to buy the SCV stick isn’t exactly responding to his PM anymore… :confused:

By the way, if the r1 TE does happen to malfunction on its pcb, couldn’t I buy a PS360+ pcb and install that?

yes, if they are in stock. If that is your mindset you should be fine :slight_smile:

Just got the TE round 1 for $80. Literally looks and feels brand new, and works on my laptop. :smiley:

sweet. what games are u playing on pc?

Just SSF4 AE at the moment. Its gonna take a bit to get used to this… can’t even consistently dp. haha

i spent a lot of time just doing dp’s while watching TV lol. this video will help

No, the bezel and sides can be changed with the same parts as regular TE ones.

Too bad they don’t sell black side panels (I got the r1 TE).

I’d paint them but no idea how to do that properly ^_^;