MCZ TE / Hori uMvC3 / MCZ FS Pro Replacement Panel for Myoungshin -(Australian buyer - must ship OS)


I have been having a really interesting time trying to find someone who can make me a replacement Panel for my Xbox 360 Mad Catz TE (Product id: 4738) to accept a Myoungshin Fanta.
I know there are some custom panels available but the ones I could find do not ship OS (I am in Australia) or only do Thin Plexi covers for artwork, not a replacement Panel.

I do not care at all the color, or the look, I just want a functional panel I can replace my existing one with so it is not damaged. It can be metal or plastic. Even Second/Third/Octo hand. As long as it is sturdy I am a happy camper.

Failing one for the TE, I also have a Mad Catz Fightstick Pro or a Hori UMVC3 (vx?) I would get a replacement panel for to accept a Myoungshin Fanta if it is easier.

TLDR: Need replacement Panel for TE, FightstickPro or Hori VX to take Myoungshin that ships to Australia. OP is a bit lost please help.

Thank you all. I have searched multiple times, and I just need a pointer in the right direction.



For alternative. You could use fanta crown 303fk and replace the rubber gourment using hard rubber. It will feel much like myungshin.


I already have a Crown 303-fk and will mod it (I emailed you), however I want a Myoungshin Fanta also in one of my other sticks.




bumping for that knowledge drop


I assume this means no one knows?
Why yall dont care about me and my fanta cries


If you know anyone in the US that will ship it to you, you can buy a panel from AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE

You also could try contacting the dudes at ArcadeForge to see if they’d make a custom panel for you.


Thanks for your reply I will check out Arcade Forge, I know peeps in the US but will leave that as a last resort, do not want to hassle anyone :slight_smile:


Hey Niku,

Could you provide a small list of the custom panel builders that you have recently been in contact with? I have been searching for a few providers and haven’t located any with decent reputations or still in business, outside of B-Boy Tekken (Amp-Up Customs.)

Thanks in advance, if you can.


@graves are you in Australia too? Im in WA :wink:

B-Boy Tekken Amp up states he does not do international in other threads, I dont want to hassle the man so I have no asked him. I feel a lot of these builders and modders get harrassed endlessly by people so I would rather try and work my ass off on google than pester them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I messaged Art as he was the only one i could find, and i didnt get a reply. I think it is a sideline for him, so I dont want to pester the dude. I am sure he is busy with important stuff :wink:
i could not find anyone else who shipped international and had the capacity to do custom stuff (Fanta mounting)

I am going to buy a metal faceplate from tmw and mod it when it arrives. I will pay a metal shop to do it for me. I think it will be cheaper than me buying the bits and drill.
Also I can get them to braise mountings at the correct height under the stick so it is secure and top is flush. I would do this myself but I do not have tools where I am atm.

This way I have my stick vanilla if i want to jlf it. Also I want to try hitbox as I am a PC gamer, and Arcadeforge sell them for madcatz TE.



Just for completeness I asked Arcadeforge if they can do custom faceplates for a Fanta (te) will keep you posted.


@Niku13 Nope, not Australia. The Caribbean.

Thanks for the information, I’m excited to hear if ArcadeForge gets back to you.