MCZ TE Round 2 Joystick Problem

UPDATE: Replaced the JLF PCB and now it’s working like new again. Thanks!

Hey guys, I’m having a problem with my Xbox 360 MadCatz TE Round 2 joystick.

The problem seems to be with down/forward (1P side). I was playing AE and noticed fireballs were not coming out when I wanted them to. So, I went into training mode with Dhalsim, turned on Infinite Super Gauge, and started throwing fireballs. Sometimes a fireball would come out, and sometimes a Super would come out, even though I was doing a single QCF motion.

I turned on input display, and noticed while holding down forward, sometimes there would be rapid inputs for down/down forward/forward. Holding down back, the input display would stay at down back, but holding down forward, the input display would register rapid movement, which was leading to a Super even though a single QCF motion was performed.

Anybody ever have this issue before?


switch your slide switch from LS to DP

Thanks for the reply. It’s always been set to DP. I did check that after the problem started to see if it accidentally switched, but it was still on DP when the problems occured.

I’ll try taking the joystick out and cleaning it. I have some Deoxit D5 Contact Cleaner and Caig Faderlube that I use to clean my DJ mixers. If that doesn’t help, I’ll just order another JLF.

Same stick, same problem here. I haven’t been able to find a solution anywhere. Cleaned it, checked multiple times to make sure it was on DP… I already ordered a new stick, but if you happen to find a fix, please lemme know. Having a dead $150 dollar stick sucks.

it’s probably the jlf pcb ($13) or the actuator ($.95). No reason to buy an entire jlf assembly

Thanks for the reply. I tried cleaning to no avail, so I’ll order a new pcb and actuator. After your reply, I did some reading and it looks like those pcb’s go bad after a while.

Replaced the JLF PCB and now it’s working like new again. Thanks!