MCZ Tokido Duo Lon

Recently I checked out some of the videos of MadCatz’s Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi playing in Stunfest and Hyperspot in 2015 in KOF XIII. It is surprising that he was playing with DuoLon. He was really good with him, no combo drop, good sense of setups. But in NMW VI he was totally expressing unfamiliarity with Duo against Reynald. So, after all DLC from top player in KOF XIII it’s good to see Tokido trying new charecters. I also love watching ET’s Clark. So, what do you think about it. I am a quite new person in KOF XIII and couldn’t find out any information regarding his charecter change or against whom he was practicing. And also please tell me if he really pays good.
**Stunfest 2015 KOF XIII Grand Final Tokido vs Frionel **
Hypespotting - Luffy vs. Tokido - KOFXIII GRAND FINAL
And Louffy doesn’t seem to do any HD Combo, why? Because I’ve seen people doing HD combo with pad, so a pro like him can easily do that. Or, is it difficult with D Pad?
Pad Play
So, do I need to switch to arcade stick to do HD combo? Cuz I play in controller.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: :wink:

I wish i could answer your question since i don’t really play Duo Lon… i’m wondering why he switched to him myself, he used to pick the cheapest team (Flame, Karate and kim) then dropped kim for chin now he switched flame to claw and traded karate for duo lon.

I bet part of why he switched though was partially because of the FT10 he had with Reynald a year ago at Northwest Majors 2014

However his during his recent FT10 with Misterio (a few days ago) his Duo lon kinda looks like his weakest link since King (a character that isn’t known for the best damage) does an alarming more damage than duo lon.

kinda funny since he lay low for playing KOF (not winning evo demoralizes a player of course) and downgraded his characters to non-top tiers and he can still win tournaments with killers (Frionel, Misterio, Salim) etc.

Considering Luffy and HD combos. He only had 3 chances to hitconfirm to HD activation on these three matches (that was brutal), round 1 2nd match on the end where he probably wasn’t sure the cr.C would hit after kachousen, round 4 2nd match where i don’t know why he didn’t do it, didn’t cost him in the end though, and round 3 3rd match where he didn’t want to spend meter just to kill duo lon.
So it’s not like he can’t do HD combos , he just didn’t get the chance to do any on this final.

As for switching to arcade stick,arcade stick is considered to be better on any FG by most players but combos in KoF can be done also with pad. Personally i use the pad and don’t have a problem with any character except Betty, i hate Betty’s combos!!:frowning:

Hmmm better re-watch Luffy vs Tokido hypespotting again, i admit i overlooked it because it was the same week as IGT 2015 where Misterio floored Xiaohai. i know it was one sided but i couldn’t tell if Tokido bodied Luffy as much as he did Frionel in Stunfest.

body_ga post me a link where luffy is doing a hd combo. Any video in KOF XIII. I havent seen him doing hd but that doesnt meam he cant. But, i would like to see a vid