MD/DC/VA C3 7/29 3S/3S Teams/GGXXS/SSBM Results Thread

3S Teams:

1.) Team Black Guys
Marneto (YU), Steve Harrison (CH), Jay Simon “Epsilon” (DU)

2.) Team Jules
Ross “Xenozip” (IB), Pat Van Pelt “umthrfkr” (AL), Eric Kim “ramza” (MA)

A grand total of 6 teams.

Team UMBC = Phil “MD Phil” (KE), Grant Huang “Sir Jiggles” (DU), Khang Trinh “exodus” (YU)

Team Jamaican = Antonio “Snukums” (AL), Bryan “BB Hood” (YU), Jonathan “Deviljin” (IB)

Team Roasted Mancock = Robin Palm “Renegade” (CH), Aaron “10x” (KE), Jose “Rockman” (UR)

Team Fucking U Up Bitch! = Anthony “Gimpy” (RY), Mark “ParryAll” (Q), Eric Lee “Shinshay” (KE)

Team Black Guys was pooled with Team Jamaican and Team UMBC. There was a 3 way tie (UMBC > Black Guys, Black Guys > Jamaican, Jamaican > UMBC), but Steve FUCKING Harrison pulls out the magic and beats Team Jamaican, so Black Guys default as winner in the pool because they didn’t have to resort to their anchor.

Team Jules was pooled with Team Fucking U Up Bitch! and Team Roasted Mancock. Team Roasted Mancock is ousted by both Jules and FUUB!. Too much mancock for Jose to handle apparently. Team Jules defeats Team FUUB! to advance with 2 wins and 0 losses.

Despite the moderately low amount of teams, it was EXTREMELY fun. I would like to propose this format as a staple to future C3 tournaments. The format was single match, single elim, Japan style! Strictly for fun, perhaps we can do fully randomized teams next time? :smiley:

3S Singles (Evo $500 Sponsorship):

1.) Khang Trinh “exodus” (YU)
2.) Eric Kim “ramza” (MA)
3.) Jose Garcia “Rockman” (UR)
4.) Jay Simon “Epsilon” (DU)
5.) Eric Lee “Shinshay” (KE)
5.) Jonathan “Deviljin” (IB)
7.) Mark “ParryAll” (Q)
7.) Ross “Xenozip” (IB)

This was the 3rd and last tournament for accumulation of points for the Evo sponsorship. Deviljin was leading in 1st with 2680 and I was in 2nd with 1900. The battle was heated, but Deviljin lost in a grueling battle against Renegade early on in the tournament. He ran through losers, but eventually couldn’t hold ground against Eric fucking Kim! Luckily for me, Yun gimmicks kept me in the winners the entire time. GJ4LIFE! As a result, I was able to nab that sponsorship! :sweat: Great games to everyone. 3S finished extremely early this time (IIRC, it took about 2 hours total), probably attributed to the format change from pools to traditional brackets. I really wish our scene would grow bigger, breaching the 20-30 man bracket (there were only 18 entries), and these tournaments have proven to always be successful. Big props to ParryAll for coming down from PA. Hope you made it home safely…

Fun head to head setup Aaron. :smiley:


1.) Martin Phan "Marneto"
2.) Dan "Gwyrgyn Blood"
3.) Steve Harrison “UltraKy”

I will append the other games’ results as they are posted.


  1. CE Sagat
  2. CE Guile
  3. CE Sim

    Last) A- Dee Jay

Ohh… Yeah!

ce sagat=top tier. for free.

gg’s everyone. good seeing ppl like khang, marn, grant, eric lee.

fun tourney, and i think im gonna like it up here.

OOOH YEAAAAHH!! Dee Jay randomess FTGDW!!!

Pretty good tournament over all. Nice seeing some new faces including Epsilon and ParryAll (like myself, another Xbox Live nerd), and good to see Gimpy again as well. Shout outs!

Exodus: Good shit on winning the tournament. I was hoping to be up there with you in the finals but crazy circumstances kept me from getting up there. Chun Li SA1 was just a bit too much for the Shinobi and Eric took too much of my health away when I didn’t guess right. I’m planning on ordering plane tickets for Evo soon so I’ll see you at Vegas in August. :tup:

Shinshay: Good shit. Sucks we both tied for 5th but that’s tournaments for ya. Shit happens. Thanks for hooking me up with the 10 bucks during the money match. I lost way too much money to CVS2 players (I really need to get back into that game) so I needed a little bit to help encourage me. Playing casuals taught me that I still have a lot to learn about the matchup vs. Chun and Ken is still difficult to deal with. Always have to be watching my low guard and try to bait pokes to punish. Again…sucks your job has you on lock and keeping you from going to Evo. DC metro will represent this year though so we definitely won’t let you down.

10x: Thanks for hookin us up at your place again. Chico wouldn’t stop barking at us trying to wake us up in the monring. :lol: Sorry about knocking you out of the tournament this time. I was looking to do it eventually since you’ve always been able to edge me out in every tournament. I need to learn to deal with Ken on wake up. I eat too many damned throws after getting knocked down. I’m trying to train myself not to use EX kicks sooo much against characters with good DP’s. Gotta make sure I have enough bar for a super on the way down so I don’t get punished. Head to head setup was pretty kick ass. Let’s get it set up again for more 3S casuals. Let’s do some money matches at next tourney and let me know if you’re going to Evo.

Grant: GG’s. Sucks we didn’t get more casuals. AA/3S tournaments got in the way of all of that. I see the shinobi still gives you trouble but it’s all a matter of learning the matchup. Dudley can win it for sure…he just has to outsmart Ibuki a good bit to win it. Ibuki beats like all of his pokes so you gotta work in a way to get a knockdown and punish. She doesn’t need to get hit too many times to die so with practice you’ll get some matches in on me fo sho.

PVFP: Still hustlin in that poker I see. Maybe one day I’ll have to bust out some maracas and randomly get in a game of poker so I can win by throwing you guys off with my rhythm. OOOOH YEEEAH! Good shit in 3S and see ya at Evo Vegas!

Roasted Nuts: Way to almost get into grand finals n shit. Urien FTW! Those charge partitioned tackles do way too much damage and just give you more bar for more Urien pwnage. Keep working Mr.Hanes and next tournament we’ll see a possible tourney win out of you. :tup:

Xenozip: Fun Ibuki mirrors again in the tournament. Like Snukums said…our Ibuki play styles are quite different. Which is why he always has a hard time against you. He’s used to Ibuki being in his face 24/7 and then when he plays against a more reserved Ibuki…it just throws him the fuck off. You need to teach me how to play A3. I suck at that game (well…I will until I learn some fucking customs). GG’s and see ya at next event.

Renegade: Again…good shit putting me into losers first thing in the tournament. I just didn’t know how to handle Chun Li suddenly having a beast AA. It’s not even like I got hit by it…it was more so the fear of getting hit by it that threw me off. It’ll be a matchup I’ll be looking forward to learning though so we’ll see what happens at next tournament. :tup:

Rugal B: Thanks for taking my money again in CVS2. Your C groove game is good shit. If I do decide to use a different groove it’ll probably be either N or K groove. I never really learned how to roll cancel so the other grooves would be out of the question. P groove just doesn’t get bar fast enough. The one time you finally get to use your super you’ve already been hit by 2 supers from your opponent. I’m surprised I actually got my links out at the tournament. I looked like a complete scrub at VTYME not getting basic links with Chun n shit. Once I get a copy of CVS2 again I’ll practice some shit and be ready for next tournament.

Steve: Way to use the magic to fuck me up in teams. Man…I guess I’ll have to practice that parry after a blocked SA2 in training mode again. I guess all the hype in the background just threw me off but I should not have fucked that shit up…like at all. Especially after running through UMBC I was hoping to come through with a quick victory for teams. It’s all good…definitely come down and enter 3S at next tourney and if you’re gonna be at Evo Vegas I’ll see ya there. :tup:

**Oh and good shit to Hav **for donating money to 3S. You know you wanna do it again next time. :lol:


Hold that shit down at EVO. Don’t get all “I have no one to blame but myself” again.

<3 Justin – don’t worry son! Evo is the end of the road! I gotta go alllllllllllllllll out!

i had hella fun at the Pho restaraunt. the tournament was great. nice meeting epsilon and any new faces.

until next month, warriors (geeks).

U mean Pho vietnam or Royal Pho, or Pho Real, or Wings?

GGs to all the Guilty Gear people like always. LOL @ CE Sagat, oh man watching that tourney was freaking hilarious.

Appreciate the ride home Peter!

Good shit to everyone I met and played in casuals and tournament.

Too many ppl to list but I’ll try Snukums(talkin Alex strats), Phil (Green Ken, me yellin “random” and then chipping you in casuals), Ross (Pad scrubs 4 ever), Robin (SAI Chun!! lol), Khang (congrats and good luck at Evo), **Eric Kim **(I gave you a run for your money in singles, sick Makoto), **Eric Lee **(team 3s was too fun), Gimpy(fellow FUUB teammate), Epsilon (sick Dudley knocked me out of contention you bastard! good shit), Chris (thanks for the 3 cigarettes, I ended up buying a pack for the trip home lol), Jose (Rockman fuckin me up w/ Urien in teams), DevilJin(puttin a face to the name I see on SRK all the time), also the Dudley player I played/ talked to in Casuals forgot your name, good shit.

Everyone was cool as hell and I had a fuckin blast. I’m glad I came out. Team 3s was the highlight.

Khang I got one thing to say to you dog: 5 dollar black jack at Mandalay Bay. They bring you free fuckin drinks dude, ANYTHING you want, a hot ass waitress will bring it. Lol, serious though get ready man Vegas is unforgettable. Is KOFiend going again this year?

Good shit everyone. Later.

Hey, that was a great time y’all. Good games to everyone. Glad to meet some new peeps and can’t wait 'till next time. Sorry I didn’t stay late this time, I had a beer waiting for me.

Eric K: Good shit as always. Crazy comebacks, you had me sweating on the edge of my seat. What else can I say? Please stop trying to punish obvious openings with karakusa, man. Just HP xx ex/super that shit. It’s gunna be some scary shit when you level up.

Pat: Thanks man, I really appreciate it, made a big difference. I tried to do the same for you but you kept jumping in man >.<

Jose: Shenanigans. Watching your matches against Eric K is always comedy.

Eric L: It was great playing against you man, you gave me a lot to think about.

DJ: Yeah man, I hope we get to play more and more. Always a blast. I know what you mean about the play styles. I’m still trying to work on mine.

Aaron: Damn dude, we didn’t get to play this time. Next time for sure.

Khang: Dammit, I didn’t get a chance to play against you either. Good job taking first. Sorry I didn’t stick around to see it though.

epsilon: Good meeting you man. Never met a Dudley player like you before. That definitely opened my eyes. Hope we get to play more frequently since you’re in the local area now.

parryall: We had some good talks and good games. Pleasure to meet you. Your Alex plays a lot differently than what I’m used to. Your Q is pretty solid, too. Good shit all around.

Robin: Good shit in the team tourney. Took me by surprise, man. Sorry about sucker-punching you in the singles. It was great fun as always man, thanks a lot for your efforts.

Wow I typed a lot. :xeye:

Good games to mulligan for beating me a whole lot at hsf2, good games to all of the people in the alpha anthology tourney, that was really random but fun. And good games to all of the ggxx people. Also gunflame was giving me a bunch of tips while I was playing, but I was focused on the game so I missed most of them… I know he said something about ib stun edge = free whale super, but that’s all I remember…

GG’s everyone-

SFAA Tourney was

1st- Eric L (V-Ken)
2nd Renegade (X-Chun)
3rd PVFP (V-Vega)

1st Renegade (CHUN)
2nd Eric Lee (RYU, CHUN)
3rd Havoc (ROSE, KEN)

Eric Lee basically only played chun in the grand finals, literally learning how to play her in SFA2 from me, and still managed to take the first set.

1st Eric Lee (CE SAGAT)
2nd Renegade (CE GUILE)

-Notes: I know it’s the first tourney for this, and people aren’t really good yet, but this was extremely dominating. Anyone who didn’t pick CE was completely owned. I was the only person in the tourney who won a game w/o using CE, and that was with A1 Rose against CE Ken.
Giving Eric Lee a 30% uppercut is not fair at all.

3S Props:

Team tourney was fun. I think my enforcing balanced teams made it 10 times more fun. Several times the concept of having a team w/ 2 of the area’s best players on it came up, but I consistantly vetoed it. Which was good. Alot of the matches were really close. It seems my team was the most “balanced”, but would be eked out by the top players. I’m sure Aaron, Rockman, and I will power up enough to take some down.

To everyone who laughed at SA1 Chun: It was created to deal with my problem matches the past few tourneys: Ibuki, Elena, Makoto. All of whom are really jumpy characters. Results: defeated DJ, defeated Xeno in teams, and Xeno had to mirror me in order to get me off SA1 Chun. (good shit btw xeno… I was pretty stubborn and didn’t pick SA2, but then again, I had like 4 supers blocked which = free SA2 for you). I did get raped by Eric Kim in teams, but then again, I never had super meter that match.

Another kick ass tourney. Good games to all the GGXXS people including Shazay with the awesone Slayer and Bridget. New Roger belly flop creates unblockables! GG’s also to Cheese Master with the awesome Johnny. Nice stuff. I’m now officially gonna go competitve with this game.

Does anyone else but me feel Mr. Mamation’s pain with me? He was pretty upset about his not so great performance in the tourney. Our match was REALLY close and then lossing his next match against Psi Phi just made him mad, as he slammed his stick on the ground afterwards. Better luck next time man. :tup:

c. fierce FTW

lmao c fierce ain’t shit when u got random tiger knees into tiger uppercuts:rofl:

gs to brandon for takin poker again, steve fuckin harrison ggeesh raping again, and helping get marn undeserved money, aaron that h2h setup was ill i wish we coulda done that on the big ass tvs. khang gs gs, your shenanigans are evo ready. jose good job from a hater like you. ross, i wish you would’ve actually tried to contact me this week as all I remember from before goin to texas was what we talked about. good to see u actually made it though, sry, couldn’t pull us through in teams:sad: parryall, everyone here in md/va is pretty chill come back anytime there’s more people in the community here than what showed up. gs jay winnin teams, hope to see you come out next one(heard u weren’t goin to evo?). goddamn ce-ism is broken

most of all gs to pablo(thanks for lettin us chill), pvfp, and eric. that shit was BALLA:lovin:

:lol: Forgot to shout you out my man. Thanks for takin me out in 3S again. Just keep going back and forth in these tournaments. That means next C3 I’ll luck out and beat you again. :tup:

thanks for the $50 bucks.

Especially Havoc getting the running flush, then going on the crazy win streak. Eventually knocking everybody out, leaving me in 2nd.

I decided to come so late because I knew it was free money.

Good shit Robin.

Hey, uh, it was fun to get some casual play in this weekend. I was the dude who played Ryu, Ken, Sagat in CvS2 and Johnny in GGS. If anyone wants to get some casual play in sometime… feel free to PM me. I live in Arlington so I am fairly close to any place near the Metro.

Good shit. I’m mad you took my money. I was fucking everything up those last three games. It sucks there was no tournament.

For real, what the fuck’s up with CvS2? Only 4 people? Come on. There were more than four of us playing casuals. If I can donate $10 to 3S, some of you guys can throw some money in the CvS pot.

Oh, and PLAY ALPHA, people. Those games can be so much fun if people actually start to play (Even Hyper Alpha will be fun after CE-Ism gets banned). The tournament over the weekend was seriously amatuer night, but it’s got me wanting to play the games again, so PLEASE put down the 3S for one second and learn another game.

EDIT- b1gazn, You fucked up coming late to poker. I was able to make a lot of plays on you that I wouldn’t have dared to make on anyone that was actually there for the whole time. Well, I wouldn’t have tried them on Pat or Pablo, at least.

Thanks for the gas money though people. Poker’s always fun.

GS to Robin, Pat and Eric on Alpha. Jason on CvS. Whoever else I played in anything. Oh yeah Jose on 3S… I really can’t stand that game. Am I the only one that remembers how everyone dropped that game to play fucking CvS1? LOL

Aaron, of course, thanks for the couch again.

Til next month folks.

GL at Evo.