MD DC VA Fighting Bash


I am not new to the SF community but I am to Shoryuken. I am am trying to set a a fighting game party night.

Tentative Date: Saturday March 28, 2009
No Venue Fees
No Tournament Fees
Bring your favorite beer
Money for take out
Stocked bar so bring you favorite alcoholic beverage

Just an all night fighting game bash at my place. I live in Silver Spring MD right off of the red line. If anyone is interested post here and I will setup a date and time. The only requirement is to bring your favorite beer.

Also if you need to crash for the night feel free plenty of space.

Street Fighter (ALL)
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Sega Dreamcast and PS2)
Tekken 5 DR
Virtua Fighter (ALL)
King of Fighters (ALL)
Guilty Gear X2


Will H???


whats the date? that will matter the most


edit: I know you said something about the date, but its better to set one in advance or everyone will bitch about it


i’ll def. go if enough ppl show up, i’ll be coming from G-burg


That is actually the worst possible date you could have picked.

A week earlier would be money though.


Where are you off Silver Spring? Summit Hills, perhaps?


The date is just a tentative date. I am more interested in getting a good amount of people over so we can get some good matches going. The date isn’t that important to me I am willing to change to the most convenient date.

I live in the The Blairs at the corned of Colesville and East West Highway. If anyone wants to hit me up my tags are in my profile. But lets do this I am looking for some good challenges, I want to get an idea of how good my Sagat really is.


you live at the blairs??

Need a roomate?!?!?

Keep this thread updated I’ll probably swing through, place is hella close to my job.


Roommate if my girlfriend wasn’t here almost everyday that would be cool. I will definitely keep this thread updated on the regular. I’m really looking for some good competition. Playing on LIVE is cool but in person is way better. Nothing like that classic quarter arcade play.


The date is a good date for me, however it is tentative and I take your word that you’re going to keep this thread updated with the date in mind, of course.

I’m down for coming through and my favorite beer is Labatt Bleu imported from Canada. :smiley:

I play Marvel and SF4. ^^

And please, no Marvel on ps2… please please PLEASE.


You’re not going to C3?


so youll go there but not C3??? noob

yeah like the week after would be a good date as far as i can tell. Hit me up on live if you want some games.


I will be coming for Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha.

Everyone should go to C3 all the time. Even though I fake on it sometimes too. I feel next C3 is gonna have a nice turnout fo sho.


Well it looks like quite a few people will show up so i am going to pick a final date and post it no later than Friday. By the way my favorite beer so far is Dogfish head 90 Minute IPA.


Ok I see C3 is going on March 28. Ok its looking like we should jump off on April 4.


That sounds like a good date. And I’ve heard of that beer, but have not yet had the chance to try it though. :confused: I will one day.

Well, back when I went to C3, they were holding Marvel tournaments. And since back then, that was the only game I took seriously and competed in, that was the reason why I went. Ever since they stopped holding Marvel tourneys, I stopped going. Last time I went, I was expecting to play Marvel, but played Rock Band the entire time I was there instead, and that was the first time that I played Rock Band (GDLK game btw ^^).

But now that I’m into sf4… I may go… Any carpooling ideas yet, MD crew?


I’m down just tell me the date so I can start planning my schedule.


Where’s the info on C3? Never been yet.


I’ll go if it isn’t on the 28th, I was planning on going to C3


It should be under Tournaments and Events.


Found it.