MD/VA BlazBlue Thread!

Yes its done and just because i am new to the area and I seen some great action of BlazBlue at the Glen Burnie Mall!!!:rock::rock::rock:

aaand almost half my tank is gone in my car. I just filled it up. Glen Burnie is far

Maybe I’ll head up there next weekend…

PS fuck yeah, like 6 MD/VA threads!

Blahzzzzblooo time! :wow:

Heh, after visiting Glen Burnie and CTF the wait is killing me even more.

so hype for this game

Hope you like zoning characters.

I’m playing this. Talked to some people about it and they seem to be down too, the ones I usually talk to. Should be fun for me, since I haven’t really been a doujin game type player. I’ll learn it fast though :).

I don’t think BB is a doujin game.

At all.

Speaking of doujin games… I need me my Actress Again fix…

I think I used the wrong word for it. What is TVC/GG classified as?

I dunno if those two can be lumped together, but I see where you’re getting at. Like, basically, games with combo technique which lead to air combos and etc.

Anyway, Even though I’ve tried this game twice I can’t figure out whether I wanna main Noel or Taokaka still!

i always called them fighting games. shrug

magman- it’s not a doujin fighter because it’s not an independent developer… or asksys is really popular developer… like i didn’t have to start the ground up…(like say melty blood started on the pc or Akatsuki Blitzkampf starting on pc…)

but yea they all fgs really…

cool i hope you get into it… it’s really fun…i think you’ll have a blast in high level play as well if you stick to it

Man this place is too big, lie 2542 MD threads about different games…

Yeah I can see why it isn’t like other games just from looking at it. Well, it’s something new to play…and as long as it’s fun and fairly balanced, I’m definitely down to stick with it.

Also looking forward to T6. I’ll try Kof12, but man that roster is weak as hell…doesn’t look super appealing just yet.

Doujin games IIRC are games directly based on animes or other anime themed games. Just because a game is drawn in anime style doesn’t mean it’s a doujin game.

I’m playing KOF12 just because it’s going to be a beautiful game. Plus it has a lot of characters that I was looking into using but never got the chance to cause I always stick to my regulars.

You know…I thought the same thing until I went to CTF and tried it. At least to me the game looks incredibly ugly up close when there are attacks being done like fireballs.

The graphics, however, suit the game. Since all the KOF games I’ve seen have that pixelated style. However, youtube videos make it look way better than how it looks in front of you. I like the gameplay, though. The Critical Counter system is nice.

Yeah I hear the sprites are still kinda low res and I guess that’s due to memory constraints. It’d be hard to do animation that strong in high res without using a lot of processing power. For me I’m just a fan of the way the characters animate. Very fluid and lifelike and that’s what I liked a lot about 3S. The animations don’t look forcibly skipped like in most other fighting games.

I just see doujin games as “indie” games made from smaller developers with very small budgets.

The only fighters that are doujins (to me) are the Touhou fighters (IaMP, SWR), Eternal Fighter Zero, Akatsuki, Melty Blood, etc.

I’m looking forward to this game as well. It’ll be different from the fighting games I’ve played before but I know I’ll have fun with it :smiley: