MD/VA Busting heads at Evo

2 1/2 months away is a while but I figured we could do some talk about when peeps will want to get there and when they would leave. The sooner we decide, and hopefuly have the same plane tickets, the sooner we can buy them and the cheaper they will be.

I was thinking about getting there either wednessday or thurseday and getting back on monday or tuesday. FWI I dont plan on playing games before the event though, im 22 and going to be doing everything vegas has to offer.

I can post whatever crap that people need to know (ie plane tickets, hotel, ect.) when we need to. Oh yeah, lets not try to have more than 4 people a hotel. I like to save money, but even more than that I plan on sleeping in a bed. Hopefuly with not 2 other dudes.

Trying not to sleep with 2 other dudes at Evo is like trying not to get muddy in a mud wrestling match. :lol:

I’m ready to experience Vegas one more time.

hey bro, what happens in vegas stays in vegas.

plane tickets from dulles to vegas july 15-july 20 for $225 right now. anyone already got tickets? now would be a good time…

anyone got rooms? I know khayri has one, iraq pat you going? lets get this goin

I’ll be in Vegas in July for a possible move there. Might see some of you guys. Have yet to catch an Evo, but I look forward to the scene.

Which airline? I’m down.

wow, jetblue no longer has nonstop flights from dc to vegas. that blows ass.

united. check priceline.

who wants to team with o.sagat at st 3 on 3?

I’m really trying to make this one, maybe giving up Japan for it. I’ll have to see…

I’m officially confirmed for Evo.

Good look. Viper duo at Evo.

I haven’t bothered to look into anything yet, but I’m definitely going to be there. It’s Evo.



I’m surprised you don’t use her alts? Her alt #1 is badass.

Alt 2 (Trinity Viper) FTW. 8, 9 and 10 are all hot too. Red Viper is dat good look tho.

Alt 2 is the all black one isn’t it? I thought red was alt #1. Yeah the #10 is the work for me, sand desert camouflage like MGS3.

Nuki is gonna be disappointed when I have to break out the Vipester, but shit has to get done…in styyyyle.

Nah red original costume #10. Only way to go baby. My SRK hud is all red too.

I think Nuki will respect your style.

og 2 is the best viper

Looks like Ill be there, will be staying off strip til either the 14th/15th(i forget which) then likely moving to the Rio. Not looking to sardine can, I MAY have a bed available in the couple days before evo starts if needed, idk yet.

im callin it now.

niiiiice we’ll discuss details at the lockin

o.sagat, o.ken… ren o.ryu??