MD/VA/DC Katsucon and CyberConXion Host June Fight fest 6/25!

CyberConXion of Rockville, MD and Katsucon are hosting June Fight Fest!

When: Sunday June 25th, 2006
Player sign in begins at 1:00
Competition begins at 2:00

Where: CyberConXion
1325-A Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Games: Tekken 5, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Dead or Alive 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Guilty Gear XX Slash, Soul Calibur III, Fight Night Round 3 (games subject to change).

Rules: We?ll be following the Evolution Tournament Rules.

Fees: Venue fee - $5 (register by Saturday June 24th)
$10 (register on Sunday June 25th)
Tournament fee - $10 per game
Spectators are free and more than welcome to come watch the action.
We have plenty of room for everybody

Prizes: 100% of the entry fee for each game goes to prizes.
1st place ? 60% of prize pot PLUS 1 All Day Pass
2nd place ? 30%of prize pot PLUS 3 Free Hours
3rd place ? 10% of prize pot PLUS 1 Free Hour
We will also be giving away door prizes.

For more information and to pre-register, check out

About CyberConXion

CyberConXion entertainment center offers the gaming community a place to play the latest video and computer games by themselves or with friends on the latest in hardware. 64 bit processing, gigabit LAN networking, HDTV?s, flat screen, and plasma monitors and a 100? home theatre room are some of the things showcased at our 4000SQ ft location (2nd Largest of the East Coast). CCX features tournaments with cash prizes, LAN Parties, lock-ins, leagues and other events. We have hundreds of games including Call of Duty 2, Counterstrike, Battlefield 2, Smash Brothers, Soul Calibur, Halo 2, Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, DDR, Need for Speed and many more.

About Katsucon

Katsucon is a celebration of Japanese animation, manga, music, video games and many other aspects of Japanese culture (not to mention areas of American culture profoundly influenced by Japanese culture)! Sold out Katsucon 12 featured media guests, Artist Alley, Cosplay, the Katsucon Anime Music Video Awards, video games and cool merchandise. Katsucon 13 will be held February 16 ? 18, 2007 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. Please visit for more information.


Open Play

10:00 am - 1:00 pm is open play. We will also have a couple of console and computer stations open and the pool table available for casual play while you?re waiting. After the tournament we will also have some open play for everyone that participates.

Registration Deadline

There can be no registrations after 2:00 pm. Once we put the players into our software the brackets are made and we can not add new players. Spectators are allowed space permitting. When we call your match you have 3 minutes or you forfeit. The bracket and upcoming games can be viewed by all. If you think you are going to be there after or close to 1:30pm you should pay ahead by phone or pay online with Paypal. That way we will put you in the bracket and push your game to the end of Round 1.


There is no outside food permitted in the store. However if it?s a nice day you can eat at our large patio outside. McDonalds is across the street and we have a fridge if you want to bring a bag lunch (room permitting). We sell Vocelli Pizza and subs and also ice cream and energy drinks, Soda/Red Bull/Bawls/Vitamin Water and give some out free. We have a Pizza special 2 larges for $20 which is good for 4-6 people.

What to bring
We recommend you bring your own controller and a memory card for unlocks (we have some but never enough). Money for food/drinks or a bag lunch. We should have enough systems but if you want to bring yours in case that?s fine. We are not responsible for lost items. Keep an eye on your stuff; we usually don’t have problem here but better safe than sorry.


Any suggestions, assistance and feedback you have is appreciated and welcome. We really want to get this going and keep it going. We will also work hard with sponsors to get you guys some more prizes. Please show us your support.

What is with all the action in MD all of a sudden? 301 leastways…there hasn’t been anywhere in 301 to go for fighting games since Putt Putt gave up the ghost back in the 20th century. Now if only D&B’s will drop a 3S big screen in I’ll be set.

I hear Springfield Mall just got a 3S cabinet set up in their arcade. Which is pretty cool considering they must have realized how much popularity the game has garnered over the years. A nice arcade like that shouldn’t be without a 3S cabinet.

Yeah…between this, C3 and Charles’ Anime FX coming up next month it seems that like May…June will be another big tourney month for people in the MD area. Especially if someone as high up in the fighting game scene as J.Wong will be showing up for casuals at C3 on Sunday. I thought at first that maybe I was just missing out on a crap load of tourneys that have been posted here but…I guess it’s just all of a sudden people in the MD area have gotten fed up with the lacking arcades and are looking to get more competitive in the fighting game scene. Which will make it easier for us MD players to find offline comp and stop resorting to Kaillera/Xbox Live for comp.

They probably just brought the old one out of the backroom. They used to have it on the big screen there for a quarter. People only went there for Marvel and Tekken though, so they removed it, the main reason I quit dipping to SF Mall before Anime FX was there. But if 3S is back and the locals support the machine I’ll drop in a bit over the summer.

Yeah…as long as the stick and buttons are in working order I’m down for some arcade 3S. I can finally get a chance to try out the unblockable setup with Ibuki (providing it’s the version 1 3S cabinet).

The sticks work fine, got mauled the other day by a tourney player. Downside: small cab right next to MvC. So if we get a lot of players, it’s gonna be cramped. Luckily CvS1 (oh yea, thats right baby, ONE) is only 10 ft away.

Holy crap, they still got that old CvS 1 cab. Welcome to the year 2000 everyone. Are the MvC2 sticks still busted? If that hasn’t changed in 5 years I might have lost a bet.

We are making up for lost time :slight_smile:

Actually we have a Home Theatre Room 90" projector with Bose 5.1 Surround that we use for a tourneys. So you can play on a big screen. Ask anyone that has been to our tourneys before. We were representing the fighting scene last sunner with tourneys and we are doing it again this summer. Plus we are 4000 square feet so we enough room for everyone.

I was at your LAN center over the weekend, and I dont see how you came up with 4,000 sq ft of space. Your LAN center seems to be the same size as x3o. Not talking bad or anything, just stating my opinion.

Cause to me, when you say 4,000 sq ft, that means you can fit 400 players in your building. And their is no way you can fit 400 ppl in your LAN center.

At the same time, I dont like that this tournament is even going on. x3o is doing ticket to evo quals, and C3 is also a nice alternative to the NoVa/MD gaming scene. Cybercon seems to be trying to get on the action and just copy what these other lan centers are doing now, and it honestly seems like 1 to many.

However good luck :slight_smile:


This is the replacement for AnimeFX. Apparently Charles decided to switch locales for this one.

C3 is the best location for tournaments from all of the places we’ve been to so far, because it just has the most space. They also stay open all night so there’s no issue with finishing.

AnimeFX was kinda cramped (mostly because they refused to move that one table that nobody uses) and they had strick rules about food/drink and have to close early. Good location though, metro accessible and tons of food in the mall.

x3o is WAAAAY too small for tournaments. There just flat out isn’t enough room for the number of people who want to be in there. It’s mostly due to the fact that the place is narrow, and they’ve got setups going along both sides. C3 probably doesn’t even have that much difference in size, it’s just that C3 is square and has no setups in the middle of the place, so people can walk around and watch the tournaments. The x3o people are really cool and I liked the place, but they really need to reorganize the place if they want to run tournaments there (especially as many as they try to).

Eli’s basement is the place to be. More room than x3o, and a small black cat that flips out when people are around. Also you get skanky black girls yelling ‘Hey white boy’ when you try to pump gas at the local station, and if you go about 3 blocks in the wrong direction you will get shot at.

I haven’t been to this place yet, I hope it’s good, but if it’s small like x3o was, then I dunno. I’m getting tired of all of these tournaments and really wish they’d just combine into 1-2 big ones instead of getting 3-4 small ones like we are getting.

Please check your facts before making ignorant, irresponsible comments. Our permit with the city which is a matter of public record is for 3986 square feet. So its a matter of fact not opinion. I didnt mention anything about any other LAN centers they do their thing we do ours. I happen to know the owner of C3 personally and he visited me sunday. We make sure we don’t do tourneys the same day and I let my guys know about his tourneys and vice versa. Anyone can look at our webcam or come to our store and judge for themselves which is bigger. I never said we can fit 400 people , we have a fire marshall limit which is over 200 people.

To say that we are copying someone is also very ignorant. We had fighting game and Tekken, Soul Calibur tourneys since we opened up last year. We have stores in New Jersey and Pittsburgh, we have been doing fighting game tourneys since 2002 as a company.
We have smash only tourneys monthly and we allow people to bring in their own consoles and PC’s for their imports to play here. We had playstations and even a dreamcast and copies of all the fighters when we opened. You are incorrect to say we are new to the scene.
There are people from these boards as well as our strong local following that have been to our tourneys. The reason we are promoting fighting games more now is because Katsucom, WCG and GGL along with others are putting their resources to give you guys more exposure and events and more prizes. People come to us because we have been doing this for a long time and have experience in running tourneys of all sizes. We are about the gamers even if its not our tourney I let our guys know about the other stuff going on. I let our customers know about the tourney over the weekend. The players can decide what they want to do with their time. With the prizes and sponsors we have and the room and equipment I think we would be a great venue for gamers in the fighting scene but its up to them to decide. Also this is summer and when people have time for thes events so there is always more action this time of year. We do tournaments, lan parties and events in all genres of gaming every week this time of year.

You are entitled to your opnion and whatever it is I will respect it but please don’t spread false information to suit your own personal agenda.

Biju Thomas
CyberConXion Gaming Centers

Thank you, Thank you. Now if only as many people would SHOW up for the best venue as opposed to the ones that are really small and cramped. :wink:

X30 has a good staff for the most part, but they really shouldn’t try to do more than 3 tourneys at once. Not enough room in there.

I didn’t get a chance to check out Cyberconnection. I stayed at X30’s tourney for awhile.

this is eric k on jags account

i was there for your last advertised tourney evo 2k5 weekend. I hope things got organized better since then, and I don’t think you guys should run finals on that 90 inch projector, the 3rd Strike finals were ruined because of the lag time last time. Victor couldn’t even hit confirm chun, it was really bad. Honestly though, with c3 being as consistently good as they are, and x30 with the evo incentives, this does seem like overkill.

We didn’t run that tourney. The place was rented out by another party for that particular tourney. I agree all DLP projectors have lag, we don’t allow any matches in there unless both parties agree. All our tourneys have brackets, pictures and when available video also. All prizes under $1000 are given out day of and we put brackets that night or next day.

The webcam footage makes it look like it has space, but really it all comes down to the setup. If it isn’t organized well, it doesn’t matter how much space you have, you’ll get cramped for room. You’ve gotta have the TVs for tournament setup where a crowd can stand behind and watch, and not have to worry about flow of traffic or bumping into other people playing other games.

Got to work, Good luck to everyone. :tup:

For those people interested in Super Smash Brothers we have a large dedicated tourney this sunday.

You can sign up on our website

1321 A Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

This tourny sounds bery interesting

Here are the results from our smash tourney this weekend and pictures.

CyberConXion Smashfest 5/28/06
All tourney INFO is on our tourney page

Teams - 28 Teams
Singles - 72 Players

Over $750 Cash given out in prizes as well as door prizes and some free drinks and pizza.

Event Pictures

1321 A Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

We have confirmed that guilty gear will be slash. We will do DOA4 only if there is enough people. We have also added Soul Calibur and Fight Night Round 3. We might also do KOF if there is enough demand. As always people are welcome to bring their own stuff. We also need volunteers to bring a couple consoles and copies of games.

Here are the setups we have available

90" Home Theatre Room (casusals only)
42" Plasma (casuals only)

4 x 53" HDTV s

4 X 29" HDTV Flat Screen WEGA

8 X 19" TVs

So at a minimum 18 Stations.

Pictures of our facility are available on our website. We have a free shuttle from the Metro which is only a couple blocks anyway. Food, Drink and Ice Crean is available and we will be giving away some Bawls, Red Bull and Pizza as well as door prizes. Should be a good time for everybody.

1321 A Rockville Pike
Rockville MD 20852