MD/VA/DC Katsucon and CyberConXion Host June Fight fest 6/25!

Gotta be careful with those HDTV’s. They can cause lag in fighters.

When I get there I will call you alright
I’m al most finished will my stuff
Probably around 3 o clock

This tourney sound like it is going to be the best one yet!!! I except a hell of alot of comp at this one. Shinobi in training I know you will be at this one

I don’t think GG has lag if you run in progressive mode, but I don’t know for sure.

I guess…I dunno. So many damned tournaments this month I can’t even keep track. Still trying to figure out if I can go to Evo East. Let alone this tournament. :lol: I’m definitely going to X30 and C3 but…the other stuff I’ll have to just see what happens.

How do you get to C3??

46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

Mapquest will help you with the rest.

Surprised no one else has posted here in a while. I guess it’s hard when tourneys are coming up like every week now. Unfortunately it seems up in the air now whether or not I’ll be at X30 due to being obligated to go see my grandparents on Father’s Day. I for whatever reason was too lazy to let my peepz know what was going on this Sunday so I more than likely won’t be able to make it. Oh well…my secret weapon probably hasn’t come by yet any ways. :razz:

In any event…since my boy Charles is hosting this I look forward to coming down and representing. Hopefully if some of the better players decide not to show up I can earn some free money in 3S. :lol:

This is also pretty close to where I live so getting there will be convenient. :tup:

Anyone going to this thing?

I was informed that this was canceled. Just letting you know.

Good thing I read this, I was gonna drop by just to check it out.