MD/VA EVO EAST Prep thread


OK, so a lot of us missed Evo East last year. We read about the adventure in getting there. We laughed; we cried, and Devil Jin kicked off his legendary Summer of 2006 posting spree.

This year, we gotta get there.

Post up everyone’s situation so we can make sure everyone is straight.

As for the room situation, I have a room booked. I want a real, definitive list, so if you’re planning on staying with me, please post up. That way I can give out estimations for how much it’s going to cost individuals.

OK. That’s it.

Oh. We will have bitches!

I’m done. Devil Jin?



i’ll room with you all
as for rides… i donno if i have a car by then so dont count on that just yet.


LOL. I got pwnt. Good shit on making this early tho. I was too busy being the first one to look at the Dark Prince Interview.

My bro and I are set for being in your room.


thanks for the offer hav ill prolly room with you guys if nothing gets fucked up


yo can i stay i got dough and im going for deffenit


I could have sworn I posted in here more than once??? Yeah…let’s get heads for Evo East.

NINJA EDIT: Ah…Mr.Wiz did a system restore.


Put me in the room hav.


um…whats good?

who can i ride/room with?


i thought eric kim guaranteed he was booking a suite and it was on him???


NEG. when u headed back, you go for broke yet?


anyone else willing to drive this year besides hav? kimmicks?


yeah i too am tired of driving. ill just hitch a ride this year. kimmiks? khang? elee?


Too many folks in the same room. Is anyone getting another room? As for driving, I think that if I drive this year I’ll have to take a rental. I don’t want to put all those miles on my car.


ill drive if some niggas wana ride who wants to ride


My bro will need a ride. If you dont mind running down to Germantown real quick to pick him up before heading up that’d be cool. I’ve already secured a ride with Hav but I may head with you if you have room.


This post is gold.


DJ doesn’t wanna ride with me anymore? :sad:

It was gonna be like old times. We were gonna have the qualifying pep talk and everything…

Shunned by the SRK mainframe… the shame :sad:


I’m looking for a ride, Hav or eLee can u b mai supplier?


ill talk to elee and see if he’ll get one

my godlikeness knows no boundries

elee, get a room!!!

ninja edit: and pick up mammation


i cant get car yet :frowning:
i need a ride