MD/VA Evo World 2k7 thread

made this thread cuz it’d be a bitch to find through all the bacon/random shit in the other threads. post up if you’re trying to go to Evo World this year so we can coordinate. as of now, the only people that i know of that are going 100% are:

The Mighty
Dave Fennell(!!!)
Mr. Mamation
DJ’s brother
md phil
Steve H
eric v(?)

We’re leaving from BWI on Southwest. For $208.30, we got roundtrip non stop to vegas, leavin wed. morning and comin back monday night. So far I’m taking Jaguar to MD. I can take 1-2 more people with me, if you’re trying to hitch a ride from me LET ME KNOW SOON. Dulles didn’t have any comparable nonstop flights so i decided goin to BWI was the best choice. so who’s down?

also, has anyone tried to book a room at GVR yet? i’ll find out the rates tonight.

edit: ait seems like we may have a bit too many rooms for chesapeake?

GVR evo rooms:
3.possibly MD phil

i think DJ’s room is now open for people. 3 rooms for all of us is def. overkill. also i’m gonna be booking the Hooters room sometime this week.

I’ll know if I can go in about a week. I reeeeeally wanna make it out to Evo this year.

I wasn’t listed and JOSE was as a possible??? That’s fucked up Eric:sad: I’m coming in on Wed. at some point and leaving monday night probably via Jetblue. I may be in Seattle though before leaving to evo not sure yet. I also have a few other guys looking to get in on the chesapeake room, Mike from last year and also a couple mexicans, they all cool.

If PVFP is not in vegas, i will kill you all! except eric, cause he came to nc <3

i made you cry too much isaac…i’m such an asshole:sad:

man we even talked about it, how could you forget me. Im obviously def going.

There must be a lot of bacon in those other threads.

Oh and yeah…I’ll probably be going. Getting tired of fighting games tho.

Wait no…

Ok so yeah I’m definitely going. I hear people are talking about how the Hooters hotel (which is like 50 a night?) is 15 minutes walking distance from Evo so people are trying to go that route I think. Hooters has fried chicken and fried girls.

NINJA EDIT: Well that kinda sucks. I already booked on airtran at about 225 per person and there’s at least one stop on both flights. It’ll be like 6 hours getting there and nearly the whole day getting back home. That’ll be fun. Iz all good…long as I get to play some games. Oh yeah…can’t miss any flights either. LOL.


sadly i cant go to vegas D:

maybe next year ;D

Well u already went so I guess it’s not so bad. Just not gonna be able to play Marvel anytime this year. :lol:

DJ: what day will you be getting there?
there’s a lot of hotels on the strip we could choose from besides hooters, i’ve seen some rooms offered for less than $40 a night if its not a weekend.

DJ needs white girls if he hopes to win EVO. You have to let him “charge”.

im still mad that erik totally forgot about me

okay your good erik, im on the list :3

ok for anyone trying to get on the same flight as us:

Aug 22-Aug 27, BWI to Las Vegas

pick the internet one way

Departing Flight
Flight 943 depart: 12:20 pm arrive:2:20 pm

Arriving Flight:
Flight 1241 depart: 5:05 pm arrive:12:30 am

thanks Erik, i payed for the tickets and everything
same flight


Nationwide raped me…

but they’re supposed to be on your side!!!

ok after next weekend ill be able to decide on how im going to do this its a strong posability that i will be going i just need a place to stay but next week is when i can have most of my answers for whats going on for sure

bacon Edit: i already registerd for evo world thats a go improbly going to talk to my cusion so i can get disconts on my flight to vegas so just let me know were i can sleep for how much and then ill be there


i didn’t really know if anyone from SOVA was going besides Robin:sweat:

bchan, we ain’t know who has rooms at the Evo Hotel yet, but if you trying to come a little early like we are, rooms are gonna be dirt cheap.