MD/VA evo2k8 thread!

okay bitches. who’s going to vegas this year?? let’s get started on this shit early this year so no one misses out.

reasons to go to evo:

or the best of all:

evo 2k8, baby!!! gdlk!!!

who’s goin!?!?!

be sure to post a reason to come to evo too. says tickets are 290-300 at the moment. i will update this periodically.

hotel of choice = hooters!! 40-70 a night!!!

Wtf of course Im going

Will prob get a room at hooters

i think im gonna try and go

I’ll be there. Its vegas, how could i not.

Fuck planning for Evo.

I don’t even know how I’m getting to work in the morning :sad: :shake: :sad:

damn son, I woulda hooked you up. I got work at 2pm instead of the morning :stuck_out_tongue:
Call me if you need help later this week and I will check my scheduel for ya.

I’m going this year to make top 8.

reason #4 to go to evo:

tickets @ $297

^plane tickets? round-trip?

OI im gonna try and make it to support all my senpai! and maybe some casuals, ive got fam in vegas, i might be able to house a couple people depending on how it goes down…
secretly plans a trip to the bunny ranch thats my reason,:rofl::shake: Ericv where you @??

B-b-b-bunny ranch? Fill me in! I love the wildlife animals. :slight_smile:

^hopes you were being sarcastic…^:rofl:

we should plan a bunny ranch crusade!!:china:
whos with me?!?!
besides tornado and …maybe judge rl, depending on what hes talking about, :rofl:

Im not doing a 10 person room this year so dont wait til august 4th to figure out where your staying and then say “oh bigwh1te will let us stay no problem, let me blow my room money or drink til Im shaking in the chair or spill in n out on the floor”. THAT IS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO SAY

My bday is that same week I might fly out early for extra vegas time, whos with me!??!

lol at eric boy had to much

I think I may decide to go a day or 2 early this year as well. I’ll let you know.

I think my video will be in the Evo 2k8 trailer.


How did you pull that off? Also, what video? Combo vid? Match vid? Any details you can let out?

kenneth hold me a spot tentatively sir. hit up the 2/5 with me if i go? i’ll be sure my bluff is successful this time around.

hmmm. ill prolly just wait till aug 4th to decide where ill be staying. gs ken.

dont forget this the greatest match in evo history. [media=youtube]xAeHXABtvCo"[/media]