Here we can discuss KOF XII that’s coming out. Ok DevilJin01, I want my $5. :looney:


I’m maining with the School girl character.


That little bitch is annoying. :nono::lol:


Chin, Duo Lon, random. Custom combos are back baby! Kinda…well Duo Lon had CC super in KOFXI. Not sure if he still has it in XII. I don’t really like CC’s but it’s more original when only one or 2 characters are capable of it.


It’s funny but I don’t really like the KOF series. I only play it for the competition. i was more of a Real Bout person, as far as SNK games go. But I am curious to play this one. My two main teams are Gods amongst me. :encore:


Iori/Mature/Terry - Although if Heavy D! is included consider him in lol

worrrrrd!!! gonna enjoy this game


My team is gonna be yuri/mai/vanessa.

oh yeah, i 4got. its KofXII. :confused:

i have no idea who im gonna play now.


From some of the vids I have seen so far, Andy looks like a combo machine.


Team Ikari…


will I get $5 if I make a BLAHZZBLOOO thread.



I can’t wait to confuse the new shit in BlazBlue with the new shit (for me) in KOF!


kof thread already, RAD!


This game is gonna get me out of the house, get rdy you fuckers


ill be getting this… it HAS to be better than sf4… fuck id prolly play tekken 6 over sf4, yes i said it.


Oh hush you Marvel player. :lol:


mai or die…


Come to nyc we have this game i mean it’s only on the same coast


Actually it probably is better than SFIV.


I’ll be playing BB and T6 over SF4 :tup:


No SF4 hating in this thread. Y’all sound almost as bad as Youtube KOF fanboys. :lol: To be honest, I’m not expecting much from this game. Previous KOF, IMHO, should have died in a horrific fire. I remember seeing one comment on Youtube and I agreed with it. They pretty much said that KOF XII might be like the other games where you have 20-30+ characters and only 6-8 get used. I really hope they fixed that shit in this one.