MD/VA/PA gathering 08/23/08 CANCELED!


Sorry everyone but because of the amount of work that i have been doing lately my basement just isn’t ready for a gathering there are about 40 sheets of drywall setting around and roughly 20 2x4’s. I was planning to get to work on it for the last week but i got so many warranty repairs the last week i didn’t have any free time at all. So hopefully we can try to do this next month!

Sorry again everyone


Chea cheaaa!! Let’s get this money, nigguhsss. Anyone in MD/VA trying to see me or Eric “buttonmasher” in Marvel? Let’s do ittt. Maybe I’ll even throw in a couple stipulation matches, given the certain circumstances.


Ps. Mod, can you move this thread to the appropriate place (Atlantic North: Matchmaking & Discussion)?

Mucho gracias, mi amigo.


2v2 marvel ftw

I’m down for that. Any takers?

Money involved, of course. :woot::wgrin::looney:

Hmmm I want to go to this.

Do it.

…wuts good wit 3rd money matches…first to 3 for $20.00…
Any Takers???

Eric V stays hungry for your moneys!!!

Oh and if Des shows up I like him and I over Pete and BM…FRAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Any amount!!!

How about just you against me and Desmond against me?

rawwwr i hate being so busy lol…I miss hanging out with the you guys…its been awhile…Can some1 help me out with a ride from towson to this…ill hook em up with gas too…

I’ll think about this one.

How much would you hook me up with gas $?

hey sup pete…i dunno does 15 beans sound good?

Doesn’t sound bad… but where am I dropping you off afterwards, Towson again or no?


yeah towson would be good

Let’s do this.

Okay then. Hit me up when you get to Towson.


this is gonna b fun :woot:

Hell yeah!! ^^

ps. Joe O, can you get to Towson relatively early, like maybe before noon?

May have to dust off the ol’ Goblin and come out. And BTW, Knob Road, wow, lol.

Oh, shit. What’s up, D?

You should come out, nig… get that CRACK session, boiii.

I might be able to come through for this, but since I’m going to that ctf tourny this weekend, I probably won’t have much, if any money to mm with.