MD/VA Players thread!

Since all of the previous post are gone I thought I start a new MD/VA thread. You all know the drill.

#0wned is where its at!

Yeah I have to say MD ROCKS!!!

Even though I was born and raised in VA. Roanoke VA I still love Va, but i have to say to many players use Top tier Hoes.
Use players that u have to use a little more skill.

Ronin Wing, I understand what you are saying, but simple logic is this:
an individual with above average to good skill will win more with Sagat, Bison, or Cammy than Vice, King, or Maki. The character just has better tools.

However, you can go off on little to no skill characters when they’re good at low level play, and drop off at high levels. Good examples of this are Blackheart and Cable in MvC2, and Chun Li in Alpha 3. There really isn’t much of an equivalent in CvS2, since the scrubsand the experts use CBS … but I’d Have to say characters like Honda and haohmaru fit that description… good at first, but drop off in ability at higher skill levels.

What i’m saying is that YOU don’t have to use these characters, but you have to deal with the prevalence of them. There are plenty of good characters in CvS2, just dont pick the ones that are horrible and you’ll be okay. Just stay away from Gief, Maki, Vice, King, Dan, Yuri, Kyosuke, Yun, and maybe Chang, and you’ll do fine.
Good characters that aren’t used so much are Eagle, Nako, Rolento, Morrigan, Joe, Akuma, Geese, and Todo. Try them out.

That is a good point.

I do use some of the guys u have mention but my current team is now Terry, Joe, and Ken. I use a-groove if u have any suggestions please let me know.
Thanx once again.

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roninwing : who are top tier hoes?

renegade : u shouldn’t try to say who is good and who is bad like it’s law, because things change. also, i have seen several of those characters go very far in tournaments (most notably, C-groove King player got 3rd in japanese nationals).

Ronin Wing: Well i suck something bad…but i think before you start using A-groove you should use C that way you can get a feel for your chacters and still be competive because they become easier to fight with…just my humble opinion…

Renegade:Chun li is very good in High level play since she is competitive with everyone in the game except gief but their are ways to win that fight…

Blinto:you own me:rolleyes: J/k next tournament i have a surprise for u…


BLT and B-chun: no, my word is not law. Things can change and people can have their own opinion. I’m just saying that people win more with sagat than King. Andrew always has an instance of some player (wherever they may be) smacking down some fools with a (we think) bad character. If she’s good, play her next tourney, Andrew. I used to play king a little when the game came out, and for me, at my skill level, she sucks. No useful supers, no damage, and takes hits bad. I also think she’s one of the few characters w/o a decent midscreen CC. Oh and she has that annoying ability to get smacked by Sagat’s C fierce no matter what button she presses.
As a for A3 Chun, Yeah I play her, and I would admit that I wouldn’t place nearly as good if I didn’t. She beats the scrubs for free, loses to the experts for free.

Yes Top Tier

I meant that there is little style in character choosing cause everyone picks the same people in the game there are more than just the same 3-4 (Blanka,Sagat, Bison, and Vega ) people you know the have at least 20 or more. I just say that there is little variety. I am pretty new at this game and yes I’m still learning but I hate to use the same people as everyone else that is why i chose the team and the groove. Not b/c they r the best it is cause I like the person and thier moves. I understand that there is a lot of Conformist but damn get your own personality.:eek:
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I don’t hate on anyone for anything so play who you want to play

but the game has it’s top tiers for a reason and they change for reasons too…play who you wanna play just remember if you are losing to people you KNOW you are better then b/c they play sagat there is probably a reason…i dont’ play blanka or sagat and i still do fairly well…but i am sure if i played them i would get further…in fact the tournaments i won i used sagat go figure…oh well play who you want just remember all over the states people are playing sagat/blanka and any other top tier they here or see about…you have to get use to it :slight_smile: it’s not just VA

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anyone coming around SOVA for some action this weekend?


I play mid/low tier people, even top tier in different grooves. I am sure lots of people play most of the characters. infact, i learned all the characters in many games (Alpha 3, 3s, MVC2,MVC1… and many more) so well that i am able to hold a fight with random select and win many times in a3. but you must understand, when it comes to winning such as a tournament. you must go with top tier and characters who dont get countered that well.

one thing thats worse about playing top tier people is playing a counter character.

its really simple actually, you like the world cup =), i bet you will never want england to bring mid/low tier people when there are top tiers to choose from. its all about winning. casual play happens sometimes; just gotta make sure you enjoy it when it happens.

No one plays Geese in this area? Will have to bring him to next GT then :smiley:

What’s up, VA? What’s up, Syber?

I hope to play you guys in Marvel again one of these days. I think I might be able to provide something resembling a competitive match now. Maybe.



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