MD/VA SF4 Thread



It had to happen. Let’s do it.


lmao, awesome. i actually thought about making another va/md thread but we already had 8 of them or so. anywho. lets get this goin.


since sinsation i’ve been rattling my brain trying to figure out how to get the resources(good people) to train against in order to level up. I’m guessing this is it lol.


Yo Havoc, I was thinking the SAME exact thing, but didn’t know how it’d go. GS on this thread, MD/VA already got a lot of talent and I definitely see potential tops if not already. Our newcomers are some of the quickest learners too.


Nigga, that’s why I made the thread.


Another thread, because you wouldnt want to veer the threads we have off topic:rofl:

I will play this game but not seriously, I only play serious in games i can beat havoc in(needs to have infinites, glitches, and the fewer buttons the better)


You will win SBO with Rufus, all you need is his outfit in size 10XL.


lol even I would look pretty silly in a 10xl

sf4 leaked, hooolllllaaa


Yeah…a little tight around the stomach huh? Let’s bump that to 12XL!

But you gotta IRL ultra someone if you feel like wrecking someone. Finish em off with the freefalling palmer.


anyone have a modded 360?


Im almost playing it!


sf4 possibly…tomorrow


What’s the look on it? You move out to your place yet? I’ll hit you up a bit later.


sf4 is pretty cool


n-ken you got sf4?


mr wizard says i dont but he lies sometimes


cool, what character are you playing?


cant wait til this drops. i’ve gained an interest in abel and sakura


just fkin around so far but bison/blanka/rog pique my interest


whattt no rufus?

ps. we should do a bootleg sf4 tournament