MDF max thickness for HAPP Comp Stick?

That’s it. It’s very hard to me to route, so I want to know before I go shopping the wood what’s the max thickness for a competition stick, I play MvC2… I want to use 18 mm thick MDF… Hope it helps, and also I don’t know what’s the diameter for the stick hole to come out… I guess it depends on the wood thickness I choose, so please help me!! :lovin:

Thanks !

3/4" MDF is ~19mm. Standard hole size for a Happ joystick is 1 1/8" just like the button holes.

So 3/4" will work just fine? Glad to hear that. I suposse I won’t have any problem mounting the stick under the MDF, right? Because there will be a lot of room for the screws to fit into the wood.

Am I on the right direction?

I think 3/4" MDF is kind of like a standard. I know that’s what MAS and other retail stick makers use. You won’t have any problem bottom mounting it.

Mas usually uses 1/2 inch and its kinda tall for me… if you add plexi its a little shorter.
but i personally prefer the 3/4 wood with plexi for that short height… and no routing and bottom mounted. heres a picture to give you and example of how tall the bat top will be.

Thanks, I really apreciate your help !!

Now let’s build!!

This thread came with perfect timing for me during my first building project. How convenient! :rofl:

Mine will be better :arazz: :looney:

:confused: I hope :lovin: