Mdf routing mistakes

While routing out the top of my case where the plexi will sit I messed up some of the corners and all the edges arent straight How can i fix this so my precut piece of plexi glass will fit in perfectly?

Im thinking maybe i could just put the plexiglass in and fill in all the cracks with wood putty then remove the plexi would that work?

Are you going to prime and paint the MDF? If so, use bondo (2 part automotive body filler). Sands well and once it is painted you won’t be able to tell you used it :slight_smile:

thanks but will the bondo stick to the wood and the plexi making it impossible for me to remove the plexi without making a mess. How can i prevent the bondo from adhering to the plexi glass

I don’t know if I’d use bondo, that’s a plastic putty, isn’t it?

One way I just thought of which I haven’t used myself but can’t see why it wouldn’t work is to cover the plexi (where the gap is) in plastic cling film, the type to cover food with and then use a wood putty or filler to fill the hole. Then remove the plexi carefully when it’s dry.

Worst case is the cling film will stick to the filler but most likely it would just peel straight off. You could try it first on a bit of scrap to be sure.

Second way could be to build up a bit of filler around the place you messed up, wait till it dries, then use a sander and/or dremel to slowly sand back till the plexi fits in perfectly.

do it like you said in the first post by puttin the plexi then using wood putty around it.

but to make it not stick to the plexi put some vegetable oil on the edges of the plexi… it should slip out when you take it off just make sure to clean up as much of the putty betweeen the plexi and wood like with a buisness card because they are thin

hope this helps as ive done it like this before.