how come people watch this scrub? Not only that they also donating for him to go evo just so he can go 2-0 in pools? I’d understand if he was good player but he’s so bad lol…I’ve faced him about 3-4 times on ranked and he just jumps in constantly etc…it’s beyond me.



if he just jumps in a lot, just anti air him and carry on? What’s the hate about?


I think you missed my point completely, what do you think I was doing letting him jump in lol? That’s exactly my point he’s literally a bad player but so many people watching him and sending him to evo…wtf


ok get it… but why do you care?
You just sound jealous… he does his stuff and there are people who enjoy watching him play. I dont get why that’s your business… apart from, as I mentioned, sounding jealous


Replays or it didn’t happen.
You’re not the first one who trys this.


Jimmy for prez. I’ll take him over some salty crybaby any day.


I don’t watch him, but he was already a more likeable guy than the TC in my eyes by the time I finished reading this thread.


lol so many scrubs in here…


did mdz jimmy fack ur mather or something? why make such a hate thread?



To answer your question (and hopefully contribute to closing this obvious hate thread):

Skill level has nothing to do with being a popular streamer.

/thread plx


i played him twice today and lost both. but got me thinking after those games, i could of done better


or you just a scrub that got beat by a scrub(according to op)


Wait. People donating to money to Jimmy so he can… Win at Evo in pools? Lol

Getting stream bucks has nothing to do with being the GOAT player. It’s about being personable enough to bridge the community between absolute newbs with zero knowledge of the game, and having ‘just’ enough skill that community OGs aren’t completely annoyed by the presence of someone of ‘lesser’ skill making more money. Why hate on another man’s grind? It’s just videogames at the end of the day.


op is corny as fuck. be jealous of another man grind. if you are salty hes getting bread from his streams, make your own and steal his viewers


He’s a nice guy on stream, speaks decent English and doesn’t have a lot of awkward silence on the stream.
That alone is enough to be a successful streamer, but on top of that he’s also pretty skilled at Street Fighter, so what’s your problem again?

He gets paid cuz people like him, not because he is a “worse” player than you.


why would anyone in their right mind send him to evo? I’m not hating on his “grind” if I really hated that people are making money on twitch there’s worse people to pick on than him…but i don’t get why he’s being sent to evo LOL I’d understand if he had a shot of winning but at the moment this is just a waste of money sending him…


You started off the topic with this line:

“how come people watch this scrub?”

Then you clarified your stance to this:

“…he’s literally a bad player but so many people watching him…”

So obviously it’s about more than just his viewership trying to send him to EVO.


Why do you even care? Did he bang your mum or something?


You do realise he went to EVO last year and got 65th place, right? Beating Itazan on his way… So he did better than almost every other “scrub” there, including you.
Your salt and jealousy amazes me.