Me and Art's House

Okay so im sure most of you have heard by now " People in PDX anyway " about what happened @ Art’s house and how i am no longer welcome there. For those that dont know, Here is the story.

Last friday at Art’s house where most people go to play games at after the tilt. I went with Samb and Anthony over to Art’s even though i warned them that i knew some dumb shit was gonna happen b/c one way or the other Art was gonna start some shit.

Back Story on me and Art for those that dont know:

Me and Art have been arguing for the past couple months. Over about who is talking shit. To be real, I know i talk shit. ALOT of shit. I am not gonna play Angel on that. Art happens to think he is a Angel though. That its always just me comming to him and talking shit and he will play that story to anyone that story to anyone that wants to hear it. It really began in 3rd strike. This guy has always been mad competitive with me in everything. Espicially 3rd strike. But one thing has always been clear between me and him. I own him and he hates it. We play in tourney’s and he goes to the loser bracket. Money match = Jetay gets richer. He practices 3rd strike for hours on end with anyone he can. As i told Mandel in My thoughts " I play Chun Li, so i dont have to " and he can’t stand it. One day he beat me 3-0 while i was playing Ken and he started to talk shit about it and im like okay, play that shit again and do it again. I proceed to beat the brakes off him for 9 games straight without losing anything. I start talking shit back and then he wants to kick me out of the house then. Thats when the beef has started between us!

Back to the Friday:

We get there and Art wasnt there yet, so it was koo. as soon as Art shows up 30 minutes later mad tension b/c he looks right at me mad and shit. Fast forward 1 hour later, Art starts to look for his copy of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology! Keep in mind this a game i have had since the game came out almost 1 year ago. He asks the group if they know where it is and everybody says no and begins to look for it. Couple minutes later, Art announces that whoever HE thinks took the game, he is gonna tell them not to show up anymore. I Instantly drop my head b/c i knew what was gonna happen. When Art left the room to call Ray if he had seen the game, I BET EVERYONE in the room that Art was gonna blame me for his missing game. Everybody just kinda laughed it off and didnt take it seriously.

Fast forward 3 hours:

We all just chillen and i get up to go get something to drink from the store but my Keys are missing. So i begin to look for my keys. Im looking for my keys and everybody joins in the fun in looking for my keys. Art later goes into his back room  and comes up with me keys telling me that HE had misplaced them. Sam Y makes the comment that " If you misplaced Jetay's Keys, Where's your Alpha?" everyone laughs and Art makes the comment " why dont you ask him" making a gesture to me. So this is when it sets off. I ask him what did u say? Art Says " Im saying you took it " My response " dont call me no fucking thief, i dont need to steal some bull shit game i already have!" He goes whatever, you took my game. I tell him if he calls me a thief again im gonna kick his fucking head off. He then states that he dosent  want me comming to his house anymore. I tell him i dont care, if you call me a thief again its gonna be the end of him. The only thing holding me back was the fact his son was right there.

 Bottom line: Im not a fucking thief. Im pretty sure he is gonna tell you other wise. But im letting yall know hoe much bull shit this is. Why would i fuck up every one else's time by stealing from the home owner. If shit is stolen, how much likely he is gonna keep his house open 4 practice? Not likely. But beyond that, Im know fucking thief. And to be even more real, If i wanted to steal something, I would walk out the door with his XBOX 360 and his modded xbox. Wouldn.t shit he could do about it either. Im not gonna fuck up other people's time and enviroment to steal a $20 game. Its that simple. Im not a thief. yeah i talk shit. Its fun. but its no reason to be accusing me of being a thief. I know you guys know me better then that. But im posting my side of the story for those who may not know better or want to know the story. Or posting for those that might her the bull shit Art may Spew. This is really a story of one man being jealous of another. He plays 3S, im Better. He talks Shit. I Talk way better shit. Only thing he had that i could use was playing games at his house and he took that away to feel good about himself. I could really give a fuck about playing there. But i will not put up withh the shit of someone accusing me of something i didnt do, much less someone calling a damn thief.

I’m one of the people that was able to hear the story before he put it online. That shit is super foul man, I think there’s better ways to tell someone you don’t want them to come over than to call that person a thief. If it’s that serious, you could even be indirect and have someone else tell him you don’t want him coming over. And really, why would anyone steal Alpha Anthology?

Wow… that’s fucking petty. Hope you can get a new place to play at after Tilt soon. Take the scene with you, too. Fucker deserves to be alone.

drama :frowning:

One thing you should both know, I’m better at 3s

you still havent beat me!!! You must defeat Chun Li to stand a chance!!!

Last time we played (I think in December) I raped your chun, my bro even witnessed it

Okay, well end this now: Put money up or forever hold your peace!

5 dollars 2 outta 3 matches lol. I’ll show maybe this weekend i’ll post up when. I’m going to seattle

If i make it: Make it $20 and ill be good with that!

I didn’t know you wanted to lose so much. But okay lol we’ll play this weekend or next I’ll post a few days before to let you know

PORTLAND MONEY MATCHES 2k7 someone quick get my camera i got make a dvd!

Lol I ain’t to worried I got this one in a bag no I’m just kidding I know Jetay will put up a few good matches but not enough to keep his money but hey since its for more lets play it 3 outta 5

where is the venue? tilt? >.>

its where i assume

I t sure isnt Art’s place…

Damn, Jetay that’s just messed up. I’ve known Art for a long time, and for whatever reason he’s never talked shit to me like he does to you. Also, I’m pretty sure most everyone knows you aren’t a thief and you’ve never been a thief and won’t be a thief. I dunno wtf went down or what but it sounds like a bad situation all around. Honestly though, I know you probably wanna beat his ass up and down the block, but you might as well just keep all that shit in the game. Especially if you’re consistently beating him in 3S (fuck, I have no idea, I hate watching that game), it’ll probably piss him off more than any real life beating.

I hope shit cools down and Art rethinks the whole situation, it’s always a pain to have random beef like this in the gaming community, especially since we all are around each other so much. Good luck with shit and LOL at this turning into a money match thread.

that’s dildoes.


Could there be something else? That is a lot of drama over simply beating someone at a game.

Penis envy?