Me and my C.Viper Executions ~ |Also im new here|


Me being here

I have come across this forum, and seems to me… the most popular Street Fighter forums ive come across. And ive got alot of questions witch i will find on my own and ask you poeple. But before you give me any sitrep, take note i have SF4 for the PC. Its running SUPER Smooth and i dont have a stick. Nor a plugin for my controler… So… i play with my keyboard.

Now, look at the word “KeyBoard” And then read the -Title- again.

I am pretty good, and my keyboard is pretty thin to be fast on with.

My Question

Threw out my competition online, ive lost so many times to close calls or bad luck that ive figured out what is wrong with me and my char on a time like that.

Every time when the opponents life bar is about to drop 0, he will play more cautiosly and be more on the defencive side. What i have figured out is that i suck Executing that K-O.
(Sorry if you tought of an Execution, as in performing a combo)
Ive also learned NOT TO USE MY ULTRA on a time like that because one time or another, he is going to R-Aaaaaa***e you with his ultra.

I couldnt find anything special about C.Viper doing an effective killing blow vs any character.

Is there anything C.Viper has that other characters also have? Like, Ryu doing an EX Hadouken vs someone about to get up.

There is one that i found, witch is to Sj away and Seismo his a** when he gets up.
But i am risking getting fooled by an EX that the opponent used to get him self out of that Seismo and get to me before i can say Uncle

What REAL effective EXECUTION does C.Viper have?

Also, could you sneak up a tip on how to effectivly use EX Seismo hammer to fix my split second hitbox into not getting hit?

If there is anything about C.Viper vs Low Health opponents then can you direct me to it? I couldnt find a thing about C.Viper and her specialty vs low health.

EDIT: Please dont bash too much on my Epicness/Failure on the keyboard thing. I am looking forward for SSF4 and plan to buy a stick for it. (on the 360)


If you’re winning the match and he wants to turtle, just let him turtle.


Yeppers. If you’ve got the life lead and he’s almost dead, onus is on him to try to take the W away from you.


Yeah C.Viper has slow ass specials and sub par normals so you’re probably having trouble landing that final blow because it’s easy to beat C.Viper if all you’re focusing on is not getting hit by her. All of her special moves take nearly half a second to start up so people are going to just jump back and backdash for their lives and you’ll have trouble hitting them because jumping away and backdashing starts up much quicker than any of your special moves. Just sit there and turtle them also and wait till they do something obvious or risky and punish.


Thanks, im not much of a turtler (Or a camper in FPS games)

But i am going to try that right now. See if it works :confused:


Just make sure that when you turtle up and they are coming to you for some damage you captilize on their errors and punish hard. If they carelessly jump in on you because they are desperate for hits you need to anti-air them with fierce thunder knuckle. Only capitalize on the opportunities when they present themselves and just turtle up to avoid taking excessive damage.


If you were thinking about a Meaty Hadouken for KO, you can do a crossup Burning Kick or like a EX Knuckle or any special.

If you’re winning and they got virtually no health left, they usual will do reckless stuff, punish that when you seek the opportunity, expect it to happen, like a jump in or whatever special that is strong or quick.


As everyone else has said, if he’s almost dead and he keeps running away from you let him. When the time runs out you’ll win.

Otherwise I would try to feint him like c. viper can do. Try to bait a neutral jump with a feint and then hit him with a seizmo when he comes down. If he’s blocking the seizmos then just chip him to death with them. This is assuming he’s retreating to full screen. But, either way feints should do it at any range.