Me and my hired joystick maker... speaking 2 different languages?

i’m pretty sure this is the best thread in tech talk in the past 2 years. Thank you tripple topper


@torta this is a hyper-specific point where you guys confirmed that I was objectively right and the other person was objectively wrong.

Most of the other stuff is up to opinion, or is a “your mileage may vary” situation, like my right handed joystick story, or that Beeshu was the best NES-era off-the-shelf joystick maker, and not just because of their ambidexterity, though that came in handy for me.

I highly doubt Torta is complementing you.

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I’m in agreement. I’m absolutely enthralled by this thread.

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So why do you want selected above Quick Punch?

Is it to plink in SF4?

First, the buttton has to be there ANYWAY for the ambidextrous layout, and to not waste buttons, I have to put SOMETHING there, so the most logical 9th button is select.

Second, because in some versions of Street Fighter, I heard Select was the most useful ninth button. I know certain moves in SF3 use Select (How do you do that on Dreamcast when there are only 6 buttons and start?) Change Gems in Marvel Super Heroes uses select on PS1, (or, on Saturn, L+R)

Plus I don’t want to accidentally hit the top button and accidentally cause a pause or OS overlay. So based on THAT fact, select is the safest button.

Finally Mega Man games use select to enter the change weapons menu , so might as well have it there.

Yes and its colloquially known as pinking in the fighting game community.