Me as a chuunin!


I made this for a contest at
But I didn’t finish it in time. I still wanted to finish it though so I did. I’ll probably even draw some more with the character.


like the naruto esque drawing. I only have a couple of issues the knife is way too low i think on those baggy pants for it to have any real affect. Also the right foot looks very odd. The space between abs and pecs looks too big not sure just looks ofdd to me. He kinda looks plain looking, naruto guys are crazy constumed gusy everyones unqiue u need to think about that when u draw.


Yes, very good points. Thank you.

Cmon guys, 40 views and one response?

Oh, and any tips on the COLORING would be appreciated. This was my first coloring attempt in Photoshop.


cool pic.


i love naruto so i’m diggin the pic alot! great job!


1st time coloring? Man are sure you never done CG coloring before. I think it looks great. I’ve almost fully finished CGing my B+W comic for the first time in 20 issues and 17 or so page through and it does look that good.

Very nice design. I agree a wee bit with Maxx on the legs. But I think it’s mainly cos of the design of the character with the different length in the pants legs throughs my eye off a bit. But he looks in no way boring IMO. Idig it heaps!

When can we see more?


Cool, cool. Ill either do some more with this char. or make up another. Thanks for the comments.

You gonna post up a link to your comic when your done?


Link didn’t work for me the first time, but it worked this time. Good pic and coloring. Never watched Naruto or whatever, but heard it’s good though.