Me + cgs interview about sf4 = 1/4 = 2/4 = 3/4 = 4/4

HAHA yeaaaa so here you go. enjoy

ugh, I was hoping SF4 might slip under the CGS radar. Fuck CGS :arazz:

hm, looks a little heavier than before, not quite the burger king from 2002 though.

good shit, good cause.

  1. What is CGS?

  2. Is this website being called “” a coincidence?

  3. When do they start talking about SF4?

  1. CGS is Championship Gaming something, they run those silly DoA4 and WoW tournaments nobody really cares about

  2. Yeah, coincidence. Owned by Justin Kan, who a while back decided to start recording every second of his life for the internet

  3. No idea cause Flash 9 wouldn’t install for me :rofl:

Just skip to the second video.

hi justin

whats up

This explains why you were in Cali at Denjin I see now. Pretty good interview actually even though I dont know much about CGS.

Say what you want about CGS, but they give money up the ass load.

Oh yes, and money justifies everything.

All of these pro-gaming leagues/events are stupid for choosing formats that demonstrate a clear lack of understanding of how the games themselves work best and/or are enjoyed most at a competitive level. Perfect example: I believe CGI 2007 made their DOA4 players play on stages arbitrarily picked by them, where a match was one game only of best 5 out of 9 rounds. No serious DOA4 player would ever, ever have picked that format!

Basically, CGS and all the rest are for the fans and not the players. It’s retarded to you and me but it’s certainly a better setup for a money-making endeavour.

Actually, Starcraft in Korea is the only example of pro-gaming I can think of where businesses and corporations run things the same way that the players themselves would do.

Hopefully though they’ll make good decisions for SF4 format, and our top players can collect some fat paychecks out of it. There’s a good chance they’ll force them to play on official first-party 360 pads though.

I have to admit I’ll probably watch just because it’s friggin’ SF no matter which way you slice it, and it’s about time a good fighting game was recognized by these types of organizations. It’ll be interesting to see more international competition even if Japan’s presence is minimal or barred.

These were some good interviews. I was surprised since it was CGS. They did the community some justice and asked some good questions. Good job representing, Justin!

Seth or whoever fly Justin W to the next TvC loke test! :china:

lol at the mindgames comment after Justin mentions how it can be harder for pad players to break throws in Tekken.

More fighting game publicity that is not DOA is good.

I don’t understand why you’d hope for this. I don’t mean to be a hater, but I think having big pots for game competitions ruins what makes competitive gaming fun. The reason I play SF is because I want be a player, not a spectator, and I think thats a trait of gaming that needs to be preserved. Someone who can make a living off SF is going to be able to train more than any amateur player, and the skews the playing field. That’s not the community I want. If SF became professional, that doesn’t give any recognition to the mid tier player, and makes it virtually impossible to break into the big leagues. Ultimately, a very small amount of the community would see any noticeable improvement in anything, except this false sense that people are going to high five you for being a mid tier SF player.

The guy interviewing Justin is a douche.

Pherai: Actually, you make some pretty good points. I don’t know if I agree with all of them but I totally get what you’re saying. I didn’t really think much further than “I think our top players deserve sweet paydays like all these other dooks who play ho-hum games.”

Actually i thought he was quite well informed compared to everyone else who normally interviews ono/sirlin/top player/etc

djWHEAT is really good and he’s the best 1on1 DM caster ever, it’s such a shame he works for CGS now.

Good interview and nuff respect for charity work :tup: