Me Just Trying to help out players

Hey guys, I recently decided to try to help players level up with things that you can’t really learn just from watching matches, you usually have to learn from going to tournies and experience and what not so I made a channel where I take matches from top street fighter players and go over a few things every game. Like one episode I went over counter hit set ups and footsies, one I went over whiff punishing and proper rushdown, stuff like that, I just take matches, comentate over them, show some instant replays to show people exactly whats going on etc.
So check it out let me know what you think , this is the newest episode, each episode is getting better and better, if you look at the first episode it was pretty bad compared to this so they will get much better! Thanks guys.
Please Comment Rate and Sub! Would be greatly appreciated

i like in all in depth analysis like this…keep them up…

Thank you!