Me(Rubillionaire) vs VDO at evo MvC2 Low tier

See like I don’t even come on this web page. I found out some marvel player named VDO wanted to play me for money with low tier vs. low tier. I never even heard of a VDO until now. That shows how important you are…because your not important and you suck with low tiers. I will take your money though. We will have good games at evo, that I will win with my low tiers that are the real deal. I will play you for whatever. As far as the east coast goes, Justin Wong sucks with low tiers. He could never win against me and my low tier teams. And like marvel is just marvel it’s like a game. If people from the East Coast like that one guy wigfall come trying to start trouble at evo, I’ll like really hurt that bitch. He’s not even tough, he is just a like little bitch. Demon Hyo sucks with low tiers too, he is not even good. See me at evo. I have the best low tier characters. You people are really pathetic if you think anyone stands a chance against my low tiers.


Flame Bait??? :wonder:

well that was random:wonder:. What do characters do you consider low tier and which are not, are you going based on the ratio system someone put together last year or just wingin it?:wonder: and speaking of low tier, is there going to be a low tier tournament at evo this year?

just talked to rubillionaire. It is not he that posted.

nice try though.

took care of the neg bomb for you


See like, i really don’t appreciate you speaking on me and I don’t even know you. Don’t you live in northern California. You don’t even know me.

Who’re you?

Like omg, like yeah, this should like totally happen, like you sound like a valley high like bitch.

Like totally.

I never heard of VDO. Any matches of him playing that people are willing to share?

NVM found some on youtube

so yeah i got 50 on VDO

yea check this out

he pretty much known for his rogue and colossus. i like and respect the way he plays. see ya at evo west!

you maaaaaaad