Me vs My Brother

Me vs My Brother in Capcom vs Snk 2. haven’t played the game in years. i know we’re not that good but these were fun matches. MIND GAMES ALL DAY!

i wish they would make capcom vs snk 3 :shake:

FIRST MATCH ) [media=youtube]OSY-btxZcNc[/media]

second match ) [media=youtube]CL9UaDs57z0[/media]

third match) [media=youtube]IVix3SlJ7bA&feature=related[/media]

you win thread of the year 2011

u win comment of the year 2011

So many winners in here!!

I was going to vote for that math thread for thread of the year, but lucky for you it was made in 2010. Therefore by default you win thread of the year. January bringing the stupidity! 11 more months baybee get hype!

I love lamp

I’m so giddy with excitement!! ^_________________________________^!

do you really love lamp?

E.Ryu is banned bro. Why are you using him dawg? Also:
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