Me Vs. Rina Morse -- first to 10 for $100 at Evo World. PLEASE LOCK

This is actually renewing the challenge that Rina originally made ( some of you may remember her thread in fighting game discussion:rofl: ). It was old – back in 2005, I believe, but I told her that I would notbe able to attend evo because I had just gotten back from the mainland weeks before she had challenged me ( living in Hawaii, tickets usually cost between $300-$700, and I have never had much money when I was living with my parents ). However, I told her that when I finally do get to go to evo – whether it be in 2006 or 2007, I promise to accept her challenge no matter what ( I have never been into money matches, but I usually do not back out of challenges, anyway ) and apparently, she was all right with the idea.

So I am renewing the challenge – first to 10 for $100 – her MSP ( if she uses another / better team now, she can use that, if she wishes to ) verses my Team Scrub or ScrubClops ( I forget…). I am doing this early because:

  1. I want her to have time to practice and to decide if she really wants to do this. I mean, why not, since she actually lives in the mainland, STILL PLAYS, and besides, if she defeats me, it should pay for travel expenses. Even though I recently moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, I actually have not been getting much practice because my job practically has me on lock-down, so I cannot go to the arcade on weekends until a week or so before I leave for evo Also, I am NOT secretly practicing with any good Hawaii players ( DJ-B, Rawbzilla, Golden-Nz, etc ).

2, Even if this message is not passed to her anytime soon, it should get to her before evo, since it is 2 months away.

  1. If she is going to back out ( which will be a very disappointing shame ) , at least I will know early.

At the time this challenge was made, Rina had accused me of strange things, and tried to destroy my name. However, I am not trying to make her look bad or dishonorable – it is just that, if someone is the “bully” here, it is not me – so, remember that before being biased in her favour. I have never purposely tried to offend her, nor destroy her, and until the time of this challenge, I had great respect for her, as I do for all serious female gamers.

This thread was created SOLELY for the purpose of allowing Rina’s friends to tell her that I am going to evo and expecting her to finish what she started, so I expect NO biased replies in either way, no immaturity in the form of COWARDLY reps ( some coward recently neg repped me for some reason, and whoever he is, it makes him look like an immature-coward – not cool or mysterious ). All that I am asking for is mature responses, because again, this is really all about letting her know that I am coming to settle this once and for all. If her account was not inactive for more than a year, I would have contacted her through PM’s in the first place; but I really do hope that my message is passed to her, and also that she does not back out of the challenge that SHE originally started…

EDIT: Apparently, Rina will not accept the match, so there is no reason for this thread to exist, and once again, please lock, Mods…

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this is definitely exciting


So, are there like, pics of this Rina bitch? If she’s hot, you should MM her for anal.

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theres a girl that plays marvel? and actually good enough for you to challenge her?

theyre both girls…

and Rina is oldddd school… She used to beast on scrubs back in the SHGL days.

The question is: Are they hot? Oil wrestling match between the two chicks at EVO World if they’re hot. My money is on the one that commits.

youre not og if you have to ask for pics of Rina :stuck_out_tongue: i dunno who the Ryu girl is outside of srk though.

aint she like nyte’s sister or something? dont ask me how i know lol

This is gonna be serious!


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I want vids, never seen a girl play MvC2. My curiosity has been piqued.

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I havent seen rina play since golfland but yeh, should be good times

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Derek Daniels

Wait a minute…never purposely tried to destroy her? WTF? This is SF, not Dynasty.

can mike ross record this?
i think he only needs one camera.

Um - this challenge is a little too late (I believe). The point of the challenge back then was for it to happen back then and not now. Last time I spoke to her - there are other things she is doing which have more priority than this. Heck - the last time I went to her house she didn’t even play a single game the whole night cause shes taking studying for her masters or boards. Dunno which but shes gonna be a lawyer and shit.

With that aside - if this shit ever does go down - I honestly believe RINA would win against this girl - however, we’ll never know until it happens if it happens.

Those asking for pics - LOL - man you guys are hella NU SKOOL. Her pics have been up since B4. Not sure if they’re still up or not though.